What to wear in a Fresher’s/ Farewell Party

What to wear in a Fresher’s/ Farewell Party

Hey beauties, I’m Prity here again with a fresh blog post where I’m carrying the college session forward. So welcome again and if you are new to my page your welcome!

So as it’s the time when most of you College going girls start the new academic year where you are either freshman or being senior. So definitely you are gonna have a fresher or a farewell party! So what next? What do I wear? The ultimate question arises.

Well, either you don’t know what to wear or you are really confused as in it is the time to leave a good impression but wearing something fancy or something wired in which, you are not comfortable is not a good idea. When every pair of the eye will be on you, while your short speech. You certainly need to look confident and comfortable. Whatever you wear make sure it is comfortable and easy enough to carry. Don’t copy what you see everywhere on Instagram, Pinterest or on YouTube.Because you don’t see the mess behind the scenes. Don’t try to be kylie Jenner or Alia Bhatt as they are having good resources and facilities to carry any look.

I believe fashion is what you are comfortable and confident in.

Some of you might like wearing pants for a party and some of you like dresses but maybe not comfortable with wearing tight bodycon dresses.

But lemme tell you guys that without losing your comfortability or you want to wear a dress but lil conscious about your curves, you can still look fashionable, elegant and charming with taking care of little things.

So here I’m gonna present four looks,  in which you can find what suits you best!

The Pants Lover- This look is for those who find comfortability in pants and tops. Only wearing jeans with a top which you think is really sassy, is not gonna work. Jeans is for casuals and you are not gonna look different and incredibly charming. With some slight change but with a huge difference, you can still wear your favourite pants. For example, here I’m wearing olive wide legged pants which are too elegant and instead of choosing a top, I paired it with a black satin shirt. Which gives me a very elegant and classy look. Plain wide legged pants are always better than the jeans for a formal or a semi-formal party like fresher or farewell party. Not any printed or patterned wide-legged pants, they are not good for parties as I believe. Instead of wearing any top go for an elegant plain shirt. Which is always better than the tops. You look more ladylike and chic.

And wear some statement earrings and choker and finish the look with wearing matching heels. If you are not comfortable in pointed heels, try block heels instead. And take a bag you need. And you are good to go! Shop this look here.

The girly girl- If you really wanna look feminine and sweet, you don’t need to put layers of makeup and try different hairstyles. Just by wearing the right dress you will steal the show!

Like in this look, I’m wearing a blush pink pleated skirt with a black tube top. I’ve done really natural and normal makeup with a simple bun, which is giving me an effortless and feminine look. By wearing hoops and dainty necklace, I’ve added a subtle glam. And block heels are making me walk and dance comfortably. You look all beautiful with elegance. Get a black blazer to cover yourself in case you feel cold. Shop this look here.

The code conduct girl- If you are a girl who really wanna look formal elegant and want to go with dress codes, this look is for you. Wearing a black bodycon dress might look normal and not incredible. You don’t need to follow the rule that black goes in every party or in such events. Instead of that, you can wear two-piece bodycon dresses which are really popular nowadays. I always find white colour more attractive rather than the black in a dress. Here I’m wearing a white appliqué two piece dress which is far elegant than anything. I’ve accessorised myself with gold Hoops. I did centre partition in my hair in and set it with some gel. When we are wearing dresses, shouldn’t overload ourselves with a lot of jewellery. You might end up looking like a jewellery store. So control the urge to over accessorised yourself with jewellery. And always wear a nude pair of heels whether pointed or block with white or off-white. Wearing black heels with the white dress wouldn’t look wow. These are the small things by doing them you can look different from the crowd. Shop this look here.

The comfortable with elegance girl- There are people who don’t like to waste their time in thinking about what to wear and how to wear. So this look is for them. You can still look really pretty and all dressed up just with one simple step. Wearing a Sheath dress is always a good idea to look feminine and put together. Here I’m wearing a mauve sheath dress and have accessorised simply by just wearing Hoops and a rose gold watch. With carrying a nude solid sling I’ve completed my effortless elegant look. And don’t forget to slip in pumps which will complete your entire effortless chic look. Shop this look here.

So this it for today. I would love to know if you liked the post or not, please let me know in the comments. It won’t take much time and plus it encourages me to write and come up with amazing wardrobe ideas and inspirations. Or else hit the like button.

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Have a happy week!

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    Your content is really awesome. I loved ur looks 💝.

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