Top wearable fashion trends of 2019 and how to wear them

Top wearable fashion trends of 2019 and how to wear them

A new year with its beginning and a perfect time to freshen up our wardrobes. Before we go to shopping, better to know what are the most wearable fashion trends we expect to see this year. So that we can save our hard earned money and valuable time and stay fashionable and trendy.

This blog isn’t about forcing you to purchase new things but it is an informative blog, in case you are planning to shop, you will be aware of trends and fashion and shop accordingly. And you can always mix and match your new clothes with old ones. Fashion has always to do about creativity and carrying and not about splurging a lot of money on.

Let’s see then what are the fashion.

1. #Dad Sneakers or #Chunky Trainers
This trend is been popular since winter and still will be. But I don’t like wearing them a lot but only with jeans or denim culottes. But they are really wearable, practical and flattering. Many Blogger’s IG gallery are popping their love for chunky shoes with skirts, trousers and even with maxi dresses. You can balance the look when you pair them with elegant dresses or maxi skirts or neutral feminine dresses, it balances out gruntiness of trainers with elegance and femininity.

Dad Sneakers - Chunky Trainers

2. #Wrap Dresses
This trend is not something very new, I think it hasn’t gone out from the trend ever. Wrap dresses are something which I adore and probably I’m gonna buy a lot of them. The fact about wrap dresses is that it hugs your body and accentuate your curves perfectly. It gives a perfect hourglass shape to the body by lifting your bust and defining the west line. This trend is very flattering and for everyone. And it is extremely versatile as in you can team it with a tee underneath or team it with jeans. So you must have one.

Wrap Dresses

3. #Tortoise Shell Jewellery
This trend will be very much fashion this year from shell earrings to shell bangles. It’s modern, elegant and chic especially Hoops in different sizes are already popular. I see them all over the stores now. Especially in H&M, Zara, Mango and Forever21. And it is also a timeless piece of jewellery which means you can wear them many years to come.

Tortoise Shell Jewellery

4. #Beiges and Neutrals
Someone had said “I would like to remain classic in the fashion of trends” or something like that… it is so true. Beige and neutrals are never out of fashion. They are timeless, classic and chic. The great thing about neutrals is, it looks good on everyone and you can team them with white and blacks which makes styling easier. And by mixing them with other muted colours and texture, we can really pull an outfit off.

Beiges and Neutrals


5. #Ruching detail
We can see many outfits with ruching details, dresses and tops! And it super flattering a petite to wear and has the ability to define your curves. So it definitely works for me. You can have ruched tops, skirts and dresses in your wardrobe.

Ruching detail

6. #One Cold Shoulder
This year also is about showing lots of cold shoulders in shirts, blouses and dresses with just one single shoulder and second is really off. No doubt it is super flattering but not a basic timeless piece. So if you like them, but I’ve already two tops with off shoulders so won’t invest in them further.

Cold Shoulder

7. #Bum Bags
Waist bags or bum bags anything you like to call them. They’ve already been introduced and got popular last year. I like them because they look a really modern piece of fashion and also very versatile. They make your hands free and also give an extra charm to your outfits. If you wear them around your waist, they give your dress a proper shape and accentuate you shiloutte. I don’t have any but would love to buy at least one.

Bum bag

8. #Sustainable Fashion
I welcome this trend with an open heart. What could be better if we had something which we can use over and over and also are eco-friendly. For example, Lyocell fabric is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sustainable fashion

9. #Rusty reds and muted Terracotta ( Burnt Orange)
If you aren’t a beige or neutral person and also can’t go for crazy neon colours, you can go for rusty reds and muted terracotta. They are very basic, timeless and super flattering. And this will add a little bit colour to your wardrobe. Although I’m a beige and neutral person, I’ll have some of them in my wardrobe.

10. #Pleated
This is my one of the favourite trends. It’s already popular since last year. This we will see lots and lots of pleated dresses, skirts, jumpsuits. They look super flattering, fancy and chic especially in off-white, beige, muted terracotta and in muted green. Believe me, guys when fresh pieces of Summer Spring will come in stores you’ll absolutely go crazy about them.
I’ve already three pleated skirts and I’m looking forward to buying few pleated dresses. As in I’m a huge fan of feminine pieces.


11. #Suits with shorts
Suits with shorts aren’t something new, we’ve been introduced through Kim Kardashian about them. Previous years it suited with boxer shorts but this year it is both loose knee-length shorts and tight boxer shorts. As far I experienced it wasn’t so popular last year and neither will be this year. But I’ve already had some shorts in linen and in basic colours. And I can still rock this trend by teaming my previous shorts with some matching suits.

Suits with shorts

12. #Netting
Netted skirts, dresses, cover-ups, tops with broader holes like fishing nets will be in trend this year. Although I find them waste of money and won’t be spending a single penny on them. Although they are wearable and also practical to wear. And some of the dresses in trimmed net look really pretty. So if you are planning to buy any netted outfit, go for trimmed ones.


13. #Dusty Rose Pink Or Pressed Rose
This year you will see lots of pink and I won’t mind having them in tons. The shade which is more like muted or pressed version of pink what is called dusty pink will be in fashion. You can have a bag or dress or top in this colour but if you’re not much of a pink person a pretty silk or satin handkerchief will be enough and you can tie it in your bag in order to walk with fashion.

Dusty Rose Pink Or Pressed Rose

14. #Green
I really like some of the shades of green. This colour is very classic and counted among basic colours. The muted shade of green and green with a hint of aqua blue will be popular this year. For this season, you can invest in some green sweaters or jumpers and also in tops and skirts. With the help of layering and teaming with different fabric and beige, white, black colours can elevate the look entirely. I already have some pieces in green and would happy to buy some wrap dresses in green.

15. #Neon Colours
Neon colours are very outrageous and attractive. It has a fire and craziness in it. If you aren’t a neon person but still want to go with fashion, buy a neon pink bomber and dress it up over an overall off white dress with white chunky shoes, it will take your look on new heights and balance out the edginess of neon perfectly. Or have a neon off gold bomber and pair them with your basic satin black midi dress and be the star of Party!

Neon colour

16. #Ruffles
Ruffles have been in fashion since the last two years and this year also they are getting loved. This time it is more like trimmed ruffle in fashion. It is very flattering, feminine, fancy and also very wearable. I love anything in ruffles. Be it a top with ruffles or dress, can’t say no to them. If you really like to add some edge in your neutral or basic wardrobe, go for ruffles.

17. #Tie-dye
I’ve seen some tie-dye outfits during a bunch of fashion show but for it doesn’t work. But you may see some tie-dye outfits this summer. And also if you like them, you can wear some maxi dresses with flats and bigger straw hats.

18. #Crochet
Crochet is always popular in summer and we see them over beach especially. But I really don’t like crochet so not planning to buy any.

19. #Scarf print
I’ve been seeing scarf prints a lot lately all over to stores. It is originally a Versace signature style but you can see them in almost all brands, Zara to mango and H&M etc. But they aren’t timeless pieces so investing a lot in them, won’t be a smart move. Maybe you can buy a scarf print blouse or even a handkerchief and tie around the handle of your bag.

20. #Bow
Bows are really pretty things. They look really pretty with almost everything, be them a shirt, top, blouses, accessories or shoe wear. They also look pretty on headbands. Also, tie neckline will be popular this year. You can buy anything from this trend according to your taste.

21. #Fringing dress
Fringes are being popular this year. It is a cowboy thing and with the cowboy boots are also popular especially in tan toffee colours and in neutrals. I think they will be more popular in winter 2019. I don’t think I’m going to invest infringe but will invest in a pair of cowboy boots.

22. #Hair accessories
Hair accessories will be popular a lot this year in headbands, hair scarf. And they also look pretty. You can buy them according to your choice of colour palette.

23. #Pearl jewellery and accessories
I’ve been seeing pearl hair clips and pearl Hoops a lot lately and growing an obsession for them. They are so elegant and chic, I think nobody can resist them. I’m going to invest in few earrings and maybe in a few hair clips. They really look pretty with knits. And also the look flattering with neutrals. So you can have some pearl in your jewellery wardrobe.

So this was all about the trends of 2019 and how to wear them, tell me guys if you liked this blog and if you want few more of them, I’ll be more than happy to bring them to you.
If I’ve missed any of your favourite new trends, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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