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Summer is here with its extreme heat but we have to go out to work. Then it’s quite natural to get exposed to burning heat. Whatever your skin type is, needs care and nourishment. We take precautions anyway to protect ourselves from the consequences caused by summer. Summer season is very challenging for skin when skin loses its nourishment, natural glow which results dull, premature ageing, fine lines and unhealthy skin. So it’s really important to take precautions and nourish well your skin.

Even if your skin is oiler, you do need proper care and if you have dry skin then your skin needs an extra care.

Summer care skin hacks 

  1. Hydration- Drink lots and lots of water. Believe me, this is the best and cheapest way to keep your skin flawless.
  1. Cleansing and moisturising- start your day with cleansing and moisturising and finish your day with it. Do it regularly and apply toner to soothe your skin. Choose cleanser, moisturiser and toner according to your skin type. Make sure that toner doesn’t contain alcohol.
  1. Wash – wash your face twice a day with a suitable skin type face wash. Lemon works best for all skin types in this season but if you have sensitive skin type, consult your dermatologist and get what suits your skin.
  1. Home remedies- Homemade face packs work amazingly and replenish the water and moisture into the skin. Like, face pack made of ‘mash banana and fresh milk’ soothes and nourishes all skin types. A face pack made of ‘Papaya, rose water and fresh milk’ replenishes and cures your burn skin very well.
  1. Sun Block Cream- Apply a good brand’s sun block cream before stepping out. It works best if you apply it half an hour before you’re going out. Get the correct SPF according to your skin tone unless it would not work.
  1. Cover yourself- If you are stepping out in morning or in the noon, try to wear full-length clothes or at least cover yourself up by hand gloves, sunglasses, umbrella and a cotton scarf. Remember, “precaution is the best remedy”.
  1. Proper Nap- Take at least 7-hour sound sleep for a sound mind and body. Good sleeping habit develops a quality skin.
  1. Seasonal fruits- Eat seasonal fruits like watermelon, which has more water extracts and helps your skin to get its natural glow.
  1. Soothing Mask- In summer your skin needs extra care, you can use a clay mask to close your pores and reduce blackheads, a gold mask to recover natural glow or a mask which hydrates your skin well.
  1. Clean up – Your skin needs purgation at least twice in a month. So clean, exfoliate, tone and moisturise your skin to breath well.


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Taking care of skin is not as difficult as it may sound. After all, a little care will give you the confidence to look good all the season. Please share your feedback in the comment section and also suggest what beauty or skin care article you would like to read!

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