Summer casual capsule wardrobe

Hey, Love Bees! Hope you are all enjoying your freedom to wear skirts and shorts this summer. No matter how big our wardrobe is, our morning starts with The Great Confusion “What do I wear today?”
It is so Obvious that despite me being a Fashion influencer, I do face this egregious problem with each morning. Just to make these daily lazy mornings a bit easier to drive through I have come up with this pilot solution to it.

So all you need to have is, some basics to build your summer casual wardrobe so as to mix, match and layer. By having a summer casual capsule wardrobe, you can create a variety of indulging looks and your OOTDs as well OOTNs.

So here are the essentials for “The Capsule Casuals” for your Summer Wardrobe:

  • A pair of basic blue denim shorts– This essential is your saviour for almost all your looks. Pair it with a white tee, black tee or nude colour t-shirts, statement t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, any top wear, it will go with everything. Get a pair of the perfect one for you, ripped or basic whichever you like.

Summer casual capsule wardrobe Get this blue denim shorts here.

  • A blue denim skirt– If you are like me who wants to look more dressed up or wants to look chic and more feminine, a blue denim is your option of denim shorts. It has the same quality as the denim shorts have and even more put together look. Get one which fits you well, be it distressed or basic, doesn’t bother your casual look.

blue denim skirt with a black tee or black crop topGet this blue denim skirt here.

  • A black denim skirt– Again if you are like me you will collect more skirts rather than shorts and a black denim skirt is one of it. Colours which don’t go with blue denim like grey, purple, mauve will go with it. Choose one best for you.

black denimGet this black denim skirt here.

  • A pair of blue denim jeans– They are boon for your casual, semi-casual and business casual looks. Wear any colour’s tee or cami tops or bodysuits, it matches with almost entire of your top wear wardrobe.

Get this blue denim jeans here.

  • A pair of black denim jeans– They are kind of special casual bottom wear. Red and white looks really jazzed up with black jeans. Get a high waist one if you are lean but slight curvy like me. #And if you are petite, can wear almost every waist type jean. I personally prefer H&M and Jara for well-fitted jean. They are the best in basics.

Get these black denim jeans here.

  • A basic white tee or a cami top– Other important casual essentials are casual top wears. Always have a white tee or a white cami top or a white bodysuit, whatever suits your style. Again H&M and Jara are good for basics. Boohoo is good for silk cami tops and Forever21 is good for bodysuits.

Summer casual capsule wardrobeGet the similar cami top here.

  • A basic black tee or cami top or a bodysuit– A black top wear in basic is a must-have casual staple. You can opt either for tees, cami tops, bodysuits or for three of them. When it comes to my personal style, I keep three of them.

Get this black bodysuit here

  • A basic blue denim jacket– When it comes to outerwear for casuals, Denim jackets are the spark. A denim jacket gives you a cool look when you layer it with red, white, black pieces. It transforms your look from normal to all dressed up. Get them in basic blue denim. You can have one, two or three pieces according to your personal style. Zara, Topshop, Forever21 are some of the good brands for denim jackets. You can filter SHEIN, Romwe also. They have jackets at cheaper prices comparatively.

Summer’s most loved casual piecesGet this blue denim jacket here.

  • A nude pink duster– Keep a duster in the nude also. Looks really nice when you layer your white bodysuit with it. You look chic and if you are not comfortable with wearing sleeveless or tube tops, you can layer a duster over your top. Its fabric should be light and compatible with summertime. Boohoo, Forever21, Dorothy Perkins, Pretty Little Things, Zulily are some of the good stores for trench and dusters.

Get this nude pink duster here.

  • A pair of white sneakers– A pair of white sneakers are a must-have casual essential. They go with your entire casual wardrobe, especially into this trend. Having a nice pair of sneakers can be long-lasting if you get them from good stores. Few of the good brands in sneakers are- Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, Wildcraft, Tresmode.

black denim skirt with a stripes tee and white platform sneakersGet these white sneakers here.

  • A pair of black strappy heels– If you want to look more feminine like me, keep a nice pair of black strappy heels. They look good with blue denim. Some good brands are Catwalk, Clarks, Steve Madden, Crocks, Forever21, Louis Vuitton.

Get these black strappy heals here.

  • A pair of nude strappy heels– Same as white sneakers, they go with entire wardrobe looks. Good for dinner date casuals. And our body frame looks better in heels. Same brands as I mentioned above.Get these nude strappy heals here.

So this is it for this time! I hope you will like it, please do let me know in the comments. What is your Casual Capsule Wardrobe? Share your ideas in comments. Subscribe to my blog if you like my feeds, it really means.

Till then bye!!

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    Prachi vaishnav

    it’s really useful for me and got a solution for my casual wardrobe.
    I love your collection ❤

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      Prity Singh

      Thank you so much Prachi!

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    Nice blog……keep sharing all that….. continue

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      Prity Singh

      Thank you so much Poornima!

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    Sapan Gulati

    Very Informative with a very Beautiful model.. 😊 Perfect combination.. Cheers 🥂

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      Prity Singh

      Thank you so much!

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    Amir malik

    The way you think one thinks that brilliantly …. Good luck hard and make history

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      Prity Singh

      Thanks so much!

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