Shell jewellery in Trend

Shell jewellery in Trend

Shell jewellery is something which I have started adoring for the very first time since it got into the trends this summer. Jewellery has been a thing this year. From gold to pearl, jewellery and accessories have been loved and taken hand to hand where shell jewellery is a bit different from any other kind of trendy jewellery. But yet, it made a special place in the hearts of fashion lovers. From bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Barretts, rings to anklets, everything is trending this season. Shell decorated bags and accessories are also in demand. You can easily encounter to shell pieces as coasters and multiple decoration pieces on Instagram and Pinterest aesthetic posts. As being a fashion lover, I really like pretty things which add up a little more to my looks or outfit. So, I always try to find pieces of jewellery which suits my style and also, they can be useful for a long time. It was a bit conflicted situation for me about having a piece of shell jewellery because I thought of it as something very quirky and also not so dainty. But because they are available in a variety of designs and style, I was able to find something in shell jewellery successfully which suits me the best.

Shell jewellery in Trend -Prity Singh

Shell jewellery in Trend -Fashion Raasa

Shell jewellery in Trend - Fashion

How I chose my shell jewellery 

  • First of all, almost every fashion trend is available in neutrals to colours. Now, I like something which is basic and matches to my whole wardrobe. If you guys have been following my blogs and my Instagram, you know that I adore neutrals and pastels most. So, I found myself a shell necklace which has cream (looks like more of ivory) conch shell with gold shell detailing which absolutely matches my neutral and feminine wardrobe. If you like colours, shell jewellery is available in different colours too.
  • Since it wasn’t fine jewellery, I wanted something which can last for a little longer. Fashion jewellery tends to be very fragile and can break at any moment and still price wise they are costly as compared to their production cost. So, this choker was really pretty and seem solid that means I can use it for quite some time. Although, I prefer fine old most for my basic jewellery pieces ( I don’t need much usually being a minimalist) but if I like something which is in trend, I get a few pieces of boutique ones because you don’t know how long they will last.
  • Because it’s a shell choker, it will look really pretty with my summer dresses and tops. It can be used as a vacation jewellery piece as well as a statement piece by styling accordingly. It can also be used with Indian looks like something with cream silk or linen sarees or cream long kurtas. This way, I find this shell necklace very versatile to style and I’m sure I’m going to wear it a lot.
  • Conch shell refers to something natural and wild but I like it with elegant elements. In this reference, its cream and gold detailing make it very elegant and polished.
  • Shell jewellery is available in various price ranges but I wanted something which was not too cheap to fade-away and breakable easily and neither something too expensive which loses its worth with the change of trends.(you should always give a thought for anything you buy and going to wear in terms of sustainability (link) and utility (link). So I found this pretty fella in a very fair price of ₹700 which are $9.99 in USD currency. I’ve seen way costlier shell jewellery in other stores or online stores and they weren’t even precious ones.

Shell jewellery in Trend - Fashion - Prity


Shell jewellery in Trend - Prity

How I styled 

I was meeting a friend on a brunch and we planned to explore more streets at Victoria Terminus ( I love roaming around the colonial streets). So I wanted to wear something feminine but still convenient enough to roam around. So I wore an off white midi cotton crépe skirt with white eyelet top. And I layered my shell necklace with a coin chain necklace. The vibes I was getting was modern boho from my outfit which was kind of complementing the occasion. I decided not to wear earrings because my necklace was enough to complete my look without making it too overwhelming or overpowering. I always prefer minimal and dainty jewellery and can’t stand a lot of it at the same time. Too much jewellery can ruin any look by looking loathsome instead of elevating the look. You need space even in styling your everyday wardrobe.I went for my Steve Madden white sliders which exactly look like Hermés’s Greece sliders. With a tote jute bag, my breathable summer casual chic and feminine look was ready and in just 5 minutes.

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