Key of flawless skin with Glamisha

Key of flawless skin with Glamisha

How to get flawless skin? It’s not really a riddle if you take care properly of your skin. There are many agents who caused skin damage, dullness, dryness and premature ageing like, exposer to sunlight and pollution.

Because of that, your skin becomes darker in colour and Hyperpigmentation happens. Hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition which occurs when a pigment named melanin is produced in excess. Excess melanin can cause age spots, dark spots and liver spots on some parts of the body like face and hands which are exposed to the sun. You can get rid of the discoloured skin by hyperpigmentation treatment.

The most known causes of hyperpigmentation are

  • Sun Exposure
  • Acne Vulgaris
  • Allergic Reactions

The people with dark skin are more prone to hyperpigmentation as there is an overproduction of melanin in their body.

Types of Hyperpigmentation treatment 

  • Home remedies
  • Over the counter medication
  • Natural Hyperpigmentation cream

Home remedies: There are a plenty of home remedies to treat hyperpigmentation

  • Rose water can be effective
  • Intake of water and liquid diet should be increased
  • Aloe Vera gel with Vitamin E oil
  • Application of orange peel mask on dark patches
  • Application of papaya pulp to your face
  • Application of pack made up of honey and sandalwood powder

There is a list of uncountable and endless home remedies which can treat hyperpigmentation. This might be a lengthy process but effective results are guaranteed.

Over the counter medication 

If you want a medicated and fast solution, you can consult with a good dermatologist. They will help you to know your skin in a better way and find a suitable hyperpigmentation treatment. Don’t just google and start doing treatment all by yourself. Incomplete and shallow knowledge can occur to some serious skin damage. So please don’t be a doctor yourself, be smart and keep safe your skin from any damage. 

Natural Hyperpigmentation Cream

There is a way to treat hyperpigmentation by using natural Skin Lightening Cream. A cream which has natural ingredients and does not harm your skin in any manner is suggested. Nowadays it is tough to find such a product which is blended with natural ingredients and no steroids, parabens or mercury used. A product with no side effects and shows effective results is the need of the hour. While start using any skin lightening cream, make sure it does not contain any harmful chemicals as described and test it on your elbow before using on your face.                                     Key of flawless skin with Glamisha Glamisha Skin Lightening Cream with Kojjic Acid Dipalmitate & Arbutin.

I’ve been using this cream for last 28 days. I was waiting to give a review after using it. It really works for patches and pigmentations caused by sun exposure. Although I’ve a fair skin tone but it’s useful for any colour of skin tone. It’s free from a harmless chemical like paraben and does not cause any skin damage. After using it regularly for 28 days, my pigmentation faded away. It has good smell and friendly with dry skin too as my skin type is.


  • Effectively prevents skin tanning and lightens dark spots
  • Easily absorbed and spreads well


  • No SPF so needs a separate sunscreen
  • A little heavy so may not suit those with oily skin
  • A little heavily priced
  • Contains sulphate

Price 100gm- Rs.975 

You can buy it online at Amazo, Flipkart or through their website

Glamisha Face Lift Cream with vitamin E 

This cream is recommended for a prematurely aged skin. This cream contains Vitamin A which nourishes dull and aged skin thoroughly. Good for dry skin as well.


  • Improves fine lines
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Paraben-free


  • Heavily priced

Price 100gm- Rs.970 

You can buy it online at Amazon, Flipkart or through their website.

*As a disclaimer, I do recommend a patch test for any product to avoid any severe reaction. 

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