Hey lovelies, as you know by the title of this blog post, I’m going to talk about trends of accessories this year.  Jewellery is an important part of any outfit and they have the capacity to change the impact of an entire outfit. Jewellery trends don’t change a lot with every year but some trends get along with and some get off. So lets have a look of jewellery trends of 2019.

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Basically, there are five jewellery trends going on:

Pearls jewellery
Likewise, pearl is one of those jewellery trends which never goes out from the fashion but this year, pearl trend has become a pearl fever which is very sweet because the pearl is a thing which we can invest in but not really necessary to buy real pearls, we can get accessories in faux pearl as well.

Pearl Hoops, drop earrings, pearl Barrett, pearl necklace or pendant are very popular these days and can be seen on every fashionista’s IG pages. Personally, I like them because of their classic importance and timelessness. So it’s safe to invest in some of pearl jewellery pieces.

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I personally own a pearl necklace which is very basic and classic and looks very lavish with my silk blouses as well as with my white cotton shirt. I got some beautiful barrettes and drop earrings which I’m wearing almost with all my outfits (got a pretty basic wardrobe, which I’m truly satisfied with).
So I’m absolutely in love with them.

Gold jewellery
This time gold jewellery is really in the trends. From minimal to heavy jewellery are available in all stores where people are choosing according to their personal styles. Personally, I like to wear minimal ones because they are very timeless and easy to carry with any kind of outfit. We have options to buy either fine gold jewellery or jewellery with gold plate. Gold hoops, ear jackets, gold bracelets, dainty necklaces are making big statements this year. Having a nice gold watch or rose gold watch can change the effect of the entire look of an outfit. Pearl drops with gold hoops look really elegant and can be seen in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The biggest plus point with gold jewellery is, that they go with entire colour palette, neutral to neon and also gold jewellery is one of the wardrobe essentials. So don’t hesitate to include some gold statement to your wardrobe.

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Seashell jewellery

1. Tortoiseshell
Tortoiseshell jewellery is so popular right now especially, I’ve seen fashionistas wearing them on their vacation shoots and they look really elegant. Tortoiseshell jewellery is kind of very feminine and flattering if paired with right outfits. Pairing a brown tortoiseshell earring with a plain white button-down shirt and jeans can look really warm and summery. They can be paired with bikini two pieces as well. I really love them wearing for an appropriate summary and little bit dressed look. Even bags with a tortoiseshell belt are very popular.

2. Oyster shell
These pieces are popular in gold form as well and if you like to wear statement pieces, Oyster shell jewellery is for you. They are being popular in lot form, from jewellery to decorative pieces and they do look extra fancy and sophisticated in the context of modern vintage decor.

3. Conch shell
Spiral shells are being really popular in the high street. Conch earrings, bracelets, necklaces are the most loved items in this shell. They go well with the neutral palette but I’m not really sure about their timelessness. But if you’re really want to wear, it will do no harm if buy only one or two pieces.

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Stone pendants and earrings
Necklaces with stone pendants are also being very popular. Especially necklaces having three or two layers one with stone and other two with gold pendants or vice versa are most popular. You can also find some bracelets with stones and they look cute with denim mostly. They are good for a quirky and edgy look but a minimalist like me can have them maybe in one or two items. Personally, I’m not a big fan of stone jewellery.

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Straw jewellery
Jewellery made up of straw or bamboos are making a statement in the fashion world. They aren’t something which only a model can wear but also commonly practical to wear. These jewellery look very cute and boho and available in multiple colours according to multiple choices. I prefer them in their original and raw colour which looks really expensive and chic and also really cool for summer because of their warm colours! They are such feminine pieces, if paired with strappy maxi dresses or Bardot top, anybody can feel themselves like a Greek goddess! I’ve seen premium Designer brands like Cult Gaia selling such pieces from $100 to $1000 and been loved by the celebrity fashion world. But in practicality, it doesn’t make any sense to spend this much money on a single pair of straw earrings or necklaces. I’ve tried searching straw earrings at a very affordable price from $10 to $50 and they are quite fabulous and chic.

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So these were the jewellery trends for this time of the season, I hope you enjoy knowing the trends, share your thoughts in comments and I’ll see you soon with fresh content!

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