How to wear all white outfit

How to wear all white

All white outfit is not boring 
Wearing all white can sound very simple and even boring but in reality, if you style it correctly, the results will be surprisingly fabulous.  It doesn’t really make you look dull or old. Rather all-white looks very clean and sleek and also very expensive. Matching with correct accessories and adding textures elevates the white outfit even more. I’ve recently tried a white monochrome look with the basics and was really surprised with the expensive and luxe appearance.Fashionraasa- Jute Bag

White outfits

Basics of doing all white

  1. Textures: Even with the colourful monochrome, adding more textures enhances the appearance of any outfit where it is a must with all white. Wearing the same textures can really make an outfit look dull boring. It is the only exception with all silk. For example here, I’m wearing a white silk & cotton blend tee which I paired with white organic denim. My tee already had blend textures which got even more elevated through organic denim. So textures do matter.White Texture
    White outfit texture- Fashionraasa
  2. Layering: layering with accessories or with outer wear can really make an outfit look different. For example, by layering my white basics monochrome with gold accessories, I elevated whites even more without looking overwhelming. I layered but very minimally and also gold compliments white elegantly so my outfit appearance is very minimal but noticeable. I wore a gold pendant dainty necklace and skipped the earrings while adding one ring. I didn’t wanna layer more necklace or jewellery because it would give me a mature look. You can even skip necklace and rings if you want to. You can add an oatmeal outerwear for fall layering which will really compliment this kind of white monochrome.White outfit texture
  3. Footwear : wearing correct footwear is also make any outfit look put together so don’t miss it ever. Don’t go for chunky sandals for any outfit, they look really overpowering and odd. Rather invest in some basic sandals which go with your most of the outfits. For example, the beige sandals I’m wearing, I wear them like anything because they really do well with my neutral wardrobe. And with all white, I didn’t wanna wear white sandals because they would have made me look shorter by dividing my white flow top to bottom. So my footwear is kinda muted and the whole focus goes on my outfit.
  4. Accessories: Gold really suits white so, accessorising all white with gold or goldish pieces adds more details to the outfit and appearance. So again I wore my gold fossil watch (which I wear a lot) with my outfit and needless to say this one-time investment took my outfit to the next level. I always don’t splurge on trendy pieces rather find essentials(link) like my fossil watch which works with all my outfits. I added my beige jute bag with gold detailing on its bamboo handles which goes perfectly with my outfit vibes. I find jute bags as my middle ground between using sustainable fabrics and avoiding unnecessary use of leather. Gold Jewelry
  5. Hair & Makeup: this should usually go according to everyone’s personal comfort. But still, there is a scope of putting together your outfit. Like being basic and minimal with hair & makeup, makes your outfit look even more dynamic. Whereas, loud makeup and hair make you look older and less expensive and outfit loses its charm. Remember “less is more”.
  6. Undergarment: Needles to say, always wear nude undergarments with any outfit and not white. It helps to look outfits put together and not see-through. Wear a T-shirt bra with tops and tees and if wearing jeans prefer hipster briefs because they don’t create any weird shapes on the hips.Fashionraasa-white outfit

So these were the quick and basic tips of wearing all whites which also works the same for a white dress or formals. Rules will be the same. But do add things which you think would work and observe the results. We always have an endless scope with style. Even with a minimal wardrobe. Happy wearing all white.

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