How to take care of emotional health

How to take care of emotional health

Emotional health is as important as looking good from outside. I always watch videos and read blogs related to our emotional health where I see people suggesting not to do anything which can harm your emotional health. But this put me into thinking that the main thing is not avoiding unpleasant circumstances or

life but how to handle it well without losing your own sanity. So I’ve been observing this for years from my own experience and other people’s experiences as well that what helps the most our emotional health. So I thought why not share it because practical experiences are really effective, it helped me so it can help other people too.

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  1. Healthy food- healthy means, a food which makes you stronger but you still feel light. Lots of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals (especially iron) you need to consume to keep your body and mind healthy. Research shows that insufficiency of iron can cause insomnia and depression too. Consumption of cucumber, gram flour, tofu and iron-rich green leaves make your mind healthy and ensure your emotional health. Eat your food no matter how sad and broken are you because it’s gonna lift you from there.
  2. Hydration- Make sure that you’re taking enough liquid. Do not include artificial beverages in this. I’m talking about enough water intake and lemon water if you stay in a tropical country like me. When your glucose and minerals aren’t enough in your blood, you feel low and sad and may feel body ache. Lack of hydration also causes drowsiness and sadness. So never ignore it for anyone in any circumstances.
  3. Good sleep- I never took sleep seriously until it was too late. You’re a student, a professional or a  homemaker, you need to sleep at a time and for at least 7 hours. Because if you don’t do this it will affect your capacity to perform as a person professionally, socially and emotionally. Your brain requires a good sleep from your body to work soundly. Switch mobile surfing to reading books. It helps with insomnia.
  4. Physical activity – For good sleep, you need to get your body tired. Do anything like running, jogging, walking, playing any games or dancing to get yourself tired. In this way, you won’t only get tired but also lose some toxins by sweating enough and burn extra calories. Which will help you with good sleep and freshness in the morning. It will also boost your stamina which means rich emotional capacity.
  5. Gardening – Emotional health is mostly related to being alone or feeling alone. Where nature really helps. Research shows that gardening brings positivity in one’s mind. It’s the positivity of giving life and taking care of a plant. We humans are so lucky that we can actually give or create beautiful lives through planting and forestation. Gardening is a good mental and physical exercise so try this. You can start it from the balcony.How to take care of emotional health - Prity Singh
  6. Entertainment – Treat yourself with your favourite way of entertainment. It can be watching movies in the theatre or at your place only. It can be anything of your choice. Make every second count in your life. Fill your life with love, happiness by giving everything its part. For eg. I watch romantic movies, read romantic novels and photograph and these things have brought me happiness which I can’t substitute from a person’s presence. So these tiny things play a bigger role in our emotional health.
  7. Sunbathing- Studies shows that lack of fresh sunbathing can damage your brain and create turbulence in your emotional health. So try to do your walks in the morning time so that it can improve your sharpness. Since I’ve been taking care of my daily dose sunbathing, my health has really improved and also has enhanced my work capacity and sharpness. So don’t devalue this one.
  8. Find a cause to fight for- This May sound weird to you but believe me a life without a good cause fighting for, feels really burdensome. By fighting I don’t mean to go on war but your efforts of bringing good for something or someone. Like you can try living a life of Zero waste which means avoiding plastic or anything which are harmful to the environment. Or teach underprivileged kids in your free time. The cause can be anything which brings a change (good) in your life as well as affect and inspire others. Once I saw an interview with a man from America who once suffered from depression and was very suicidal, but fighting for Bees and for their conservation changed his life. He said that he has forgotten what it was like depression. It also reminds me of a famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who once said that adopting kids were the thing which saved her life. They are the reason she learned to live happily as she had a very bad and difficult childhood. So, it was the power of goodness which heals souls and minds.Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
  9. Spend time with your loved ones – Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. They can be your family, friends or your partners. Share their happiness and sorrow both which will make you stronger. But always remember, your true family and friends will have the same care and love for you. This love should be mutual. So share and invest happiness carefully.
  10. Cut out toxic people out of your life – while spending time with your loved ones, you should also know that if someone is toxic in your life and always put you down and shows that you’re worth nothing, it’s time to show them exit way. Don’t quarrel with them, but don’t forget to get to tell them why you want them out from your life in simple straight words. You should know your value and worth and others should too.Friends Prity Singh
  11. Learn something new – Life’s second name is learning. Though, the learning I’m talking about is a little different from it. It’s about learning arts. Learn anything new which you already don’t know. It can be dance, Zumba, swimming, bee farming, or anything you wish to do. It gives immense pleasure and also helps to know ourselves better. When I started learning the art of acting, I got to know that I’m quite confident which I didn’t know during my studies. I was always shy and used to avoid participating in any competition. But learning acting improved me a lot as a person on an emotional level. It taught me that you do your work regardless of what other people will think. So learning works as an upgrade for your emotional health.

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So, these are the ways which I think one should practice and adopt as a lifestyle for a healthy emotional state. It might feel a little bookish or fancy but believe me, it’s very much practical and easy once you get habitual of these ways. Share what you all think because everyone has their unique ways to fight difficulties and find solutions. If you want to share anything personal, feel free to email me at Your thoughts will be confidential. Hope these suggestions help.

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