How to style Plaid Blazers

How to style plaid blazers - Prity Singh - Fashion 2020

Plaid is something which is evergreen and loved by everyone. Mostly plaid trousers and blazers are my go-to pick, obviously more elegant and classic than plaid shirts. So I’m going to talk to about

plaid blazers today, basically, do’s and don’ts. There’s not much about them but whatever they are very important to achieve a put-together and effortless look.

How to style a plaid Blazer

  • Plain pants- I believe for an effortless style, you must wear plain pants and not printed or checkered while layering a plaid blazer. It helps you look kept and clean even with plaids. Plain trousers or plain jeans are my favourite picks for the plaid blazer.
  • Avoid patterns in tops- Whatever you’re wearing, a top, a tank top or a blouse, make sure they aren’t in prints and patterns. They have one colour scheme. A plain turtleneck or tee layered with a plaid blazer looks 10000 times better than a patterned or printed top paired with the same blazer. Although I’ve seen people wearing graphic tees with the plaid blazers and slaying the look. To achieve that look, your bottoms must be basic.
  • Basic shoes- I prefer my blazer outfit paired with basic flat pumps or block heel pumps. In this way, the whole outfit looks put together and classic. And of course, that ensures your comfort too. For eg: I’ve worn my white basic pumps with my blazer outfit for a casual business look. Change your shoes to square toe heels for day to night date and don’t get stressed about carrying multiple outfits for one day. And of course, you’re gonna need a pair of classic boots if you live in a cold country.
  • Basics – I believe, wearing basics are the best thing with blazers. I’ve seen many macro-influencers doing basics with the magic of blazer, they certainly look classy and effortless. With the help of a basic wardrobe, you can create so many outfits while playing with plaid blazers. For that, you have to build a casual wardrobe but hang on, slowly you have to do, not in one day.
  • Minimal jewellery- minimal jewellery in two senses- first, if you’re layering multiple necklaces, keep them dainty. Second, if you’re going for a chunky necklace eg. chunky link necklace, try to add a bit thinner necklace for layering. Keep your jewellery game minimal to achieve the effortless and chic look. And you can skip jewellery if you want to. For eg. I’m only wearing chunky hoops with my plaid blazer outfit because I didn’t want to make my outfit look weary and overboard.
  • The oversized blazer is the key- before it was “ correct size is the key” but now it’s, “oversized is the key”. I’m a big fan of oversized blazers because it gives a sophisticated yet effortless look and of course you can breathe while looking all chic and polished. This blazer is from my last year winter purchase and already my true size but it looks oversized on me because of my petite body frame. So, if you have a tall body frame, I advise you to go one or two sizes up for oversized fit.
  • Invest in a premium or luxurious plaid blazer- when I said premium or luxurious plaid blazer, I didn’t mean for designer expensive one’s brands. What I mean is that make sure your blazer contains natural fabrics like wool, cashmere, cotton, linen depends on the season. Natural or sustainable fabrics make look any silhouette expensive even though they aren’t. So the fabric is the key to achieve an expensive look (not so expensive).

How to style plaid blazers

How to style plaid blazers - Prity Singh

How to style plaid blazers - Fashion Trends 2020

How to style plaid blazers - Prity Singh - Fashion Raasa

How to style plaid blazers - Fashion Raasa - Prity Singh - 2020

How to style plaid blazers

How to style plaid blazers - Fashioneaasa

How to style plaid blazers - Fashion

Where to find good blazers 

The plaid blazer I’m wearing is from my last year buy from H&M from AW18 collection. Although it’s not a pure wool blazer because I wasn’t aware of sustainable fabrics but now when I have it already I’m gonna wear it for my entire life and maybe donate it later. Always remember “ The most sustainable clothes are what you already have in your closet”.

The best place to buy plaid blazers is, Arket, Massimodutti, H&M (make sure to check the fabric content), Frank&Oak, OakandFort, Everlane, Vintage stores at ETSY (worldwide). You can even go for thrifted or pre-loved plaid blazers and you can find them at thrift or vintage stores in your city or online. I’ve seen many good vintage stores online on Etsy, they even sell Pre loved big brandies like Ralph & Laurent. And you can even find good blazers if you go on sites like Depop where big celebrities sell their Pre-loved items. So find one according to your suitability and make the best out of it.

Outfit details

Blazer- H&M



White tank top- H&M


Linen pants- H&M

Gold hoops- H&M

Jute bag- H&M


White flats- Mango



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