How to style a black dress for the summer

How to style your long black dress in summer

Black dresses or mid-length black dresses are essential for my summer/spring wardrobe. They literally make my life easy. Super easy to style and even lounge in. They require minimal efforts and

accessories to style which make them a necessity. My favourite to-go piece for a casual day out or dates.

Since I got my black grace dress from a sustainable store called Ito, I have been wearing them so much. They are so comfortable and already look so dressed up that I only have to take care of a few things. I’ve already posted a picture styling my LBD on Instagram, check if you guys already follow me there.

The dress is unfortunately sold out as in they are a slow fashion store and do not produce on a mass level. But, I have found a small business that has similar linen black dress collection. Let us see how small but important add ups change an entire outfit. Basically, I go by four important rules while styling any dress.

how to style blacl line dress

how to style LBD for summer

how to style summer dresses

1) Keeping it minimal As comfort is my priority and my personal style, I keep my makeup very very minimal with natural open hair or just a loose bun. I love when I get a raw and rusty effect in natural sunlight when I’m in minimal makeup and hair. I try not to go overboard with jewellery or accessories because keeping my outfit breathable is my goal.

2) Minimal statement gold jewellery You know that how much I love gold jewellery, my outfits are never complete without my gold earrings. In this outfit, I kept my hair loose for an effortless look. That’s why I went for Mejuri gold statement hoops (similar gold hoops) and kept my necklace dainty to avoid over the top look. If I would wear a gold statement necklace, I would not go for earrings and make a loose bun with a centre partition.

 3) Bag I wanted to achieve a very breezy and summery look in this outfit that’s why I opted for my jute bag with a long jute string which kinda gives boho vibes in a minimal way. If I wanted to go for a pure Nordic style, I would wear a canvas tote bag. If you want to go for a more polished look, you can style your black dress with a designer canvas tote bag, it can be black or cream, preloved or brand new. Style is the ultimate goal.

 4) basic footwear. My favourite basic footwear is my Arizona Birkenstock which I can’t get enough of. To achieve a certain look requires the right choice of footwear. Here, I wanted to be polished but with maximum minimalism and comfort where my dad sandals were the right choice. They are very minimal and have a modern and basic structure which helped me to achieve a mix of minimal cottagecore nordic modern style. I hope I’m making sense, lol. I mean we all have our developed personal styles and with time we start experimenting a lot based on time and mood.

You can get your dress designed if you’re not able to get the perfect dress you want. You can also check dresses of some premium brands for inspiration or invest in one. I prefer mid-length dresses because they are quite easy to style and yet look very polished. The fabric has to be linen or organic cotton not just because they are sustainable fabrics but also breathable for summer or entire seasons. Apart from getting your dress designed, thrift and vintage store are also good place to look for dresses. So keeping these things in mind style your dresses as well as if you’re getting one. Including some black dresses which I’ve been eyeing and getting inspiration from.

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