How to Seize the day to achieve a work life balance

How to seize the day to achieve a work-life balance is a topic of discussion. As we know that solutions lie within the discussions, so let us begin.

Seizing the day to achieve a work-life balance is not as easy as it sounds. Making the most out of it is what many people think of, but not be able to do. It’s about being productive on a daily level depending on one’s individual energy and goals. We all definitely have different ways of living and seeing life. But there’s one thing we all can agree on, making it most of the time without being frustrated is a real struggle. We all face this problem at some point in our life.

I just want to share what has helped me in this reference especially these days of quarantine amidst pandemic. I’m not an expert, it’s merely a layman’s experience which might, might not be helpful. Let’s be open to talk, listen and share. We get benefitted from each other’s experiences in some way all the time.

The most difficult thing for me has been following any routine I make for myself to achieve certain goals. This definitely frustrates me but now I’m learning to develop my habits to achieve the ability to be able to follow the routine and in the condition of failing, I learn to accept and work on that instead of torturing myself which is going to result in a decrease in my energy and stop me trying further. Clearly, it’s a self-sabotaging pattern that is constantly exhausting emotionally and physically. Here’s the thing that has helped me overcome these barriers. These are very underrated things but matters a big deal for any human.

Routine for food 
Knowing our body and its needs is the best and first step to achieving a work-life balance. In that order, consuming our food on a fixed routine helps our bodywork swiftly and makes us disciplined physically and emotionally. A great mind lies in a healthy body and can only be achieved by following a fixed food routine, including what to eat and when to eat both.

Identifying the real barrier and working on them
It’s really important to identify our emotional and physical barriers to be free. It can be your toxic past, your family or your toxic workplace, and even your health. You really need to solve it by talking it through or taking an action. You can solve them calmly and lawfully and then move on for your better present and future.

Clean food
Try to eat clean as much as possible and avoid eating junk. Your mind is a reflection of your body and your body is a reflection of what you eat. Including veggies, seeds, legumes, and fruits help your body and brain get important minerals, fatty acids. These food items are a necessity to work without any hurdles for your body.

Clean food - Apricot

Sleep routine 
Sleep Routine is one of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep on your fixed time allows your body to fight fatigue and anxiety which are the biggest problems in seizing a day and achieving a work-life balance.


Recognizing your capacity to work
To achieve a greater work-life balance, you need to recognize your work capacity. It can be 8 working hours for someone, but it can be 4 hours for you in which you are most productive. You need to understand that it is not about the hours but it is about our productivity. Recognizing our capacity lowers the risk of stress and helps to achieve a work-life balance eventually.

Following a morning ritual 
Checking your email box or scrolling through your social media as soon as you wake up is absolutely not a morning ritual. It must be avoided for good. I start my day with Pranayama followed by a glass of Lukewarm water and stretching. It helps me wake my mind and body both and puts me in a light mood. I make sure to do my Pranayama by the balcony where my plant babies are which provides my mind a good picture for a whole day. It may seem trivial to some of you but it makes a whole lot of difference. Following rituals disciplines, mind and body and are key to securing the work-life balance.

Monstera deliciosa

Allowing myself to be flexible with the exercise 
Exercise is really important when it comes to physical strength. But do you know that it also nourishes our mind and helps in cognitive development? No, I am not saying that but the research is. But it is also important that we allow our body to be compatible with the amount and type of physical exercise. For some people, 15 minutes of exercise can be enough whereas an hour for some. It’s really important to be flexible with our personal capacity of doing exercise to avoid stress. And any effort of managing stress helps to seize the day to achieve a work-life balance.

Surrounding myself with things that reflect my personality 
I really feel like myself when I’m writing or creating content. Also, I always try to get new plants and take care of them. It is my happy place to be and also reflects who I’m. I try to nourish my creative side by writing, creating content, photography, and indulging myself with nature. It helps me grow as a person on the emotional side as well as on the professional side by feeling full.

Surrounding myself with things that reflect my personality - Sunset


Having a purpose of living life 
If you know great people who are contributing their part to society or the planet are the most optimistic and achieving. For example, a teacher Mr. Ranjitsinh Disale in a village from Maharashtra won global prize money of 70 million for educating girls in a very innovative way. Before that, he aspired to become an IT Engineer but he couldn’t. He became a teacher and used his IT skills to encourage students to take part in the school education and he didn’t just complain about the situation and did something.

Having a purpose of living life


I’m not saying that we all have to do the same but we all can live for big purposes by making small contributions. Being a sustainability enthusiast, I’m constantly educating my audience about sustainable alternatives to unsustainable things that prevail in our daily lifestyle on my social media platforms. I try to follow a sustainable and conscious lifestyle which gives me utter satisfaction of being a part of something productive and meaningful. And it has a lot to do with managing stress.

Practicing these little things can lead us to a better lifestyle and train us to seize the day to achieve a work-life balance. Please share your thoughts in comments, how helps you seizing a day and achieving a work-life balance.

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