How to make basic outfits interesting

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Basics are what we all have in our wardrobes but mostly neglected because of the fact that they are boring. One can think that wearing a basic white or black tee can be very boring and casual. But I feel basics are underrated in terms of being rated as chic and smart outfits. We can do so much with basics by mixing, matching, pairing and layering other basic pieces from our wardrobe.

So here are some tips to make a basic outfit chic, smart and more attractive:

  • Ditch damaged jeans

If your jeans are ripped, damaged, they look more casual and also untidy. If they have been worn enough and aged that’s a different thing and quite wearable but buying a whole new pair of ripped jeans will be a bad decision. Jeans or trousers with clean appearance look more put together, classic and chic. So do your basics clean.

How to make basic outfits interesting

How to make basic outfits interesting - Raasa

Prity Singh - Fashion

Prity Singh - Fashion Raasa

  • Oversized Tees are the right size

Wearing fitted or size down tees can be a wrong choice because it can make look bulky even if you have an average body frame. Loose-fitting tees look more chic and tend to make you look skinnier (doesn’t matter what body shape are you).

Trending 2020

Trends 2020

  • Go for sustainable fabrics

Choose pure cotton or organic cotton jeans, they look more expensive and classic because of the sturdy texture. They don’t lose their fit so always look new. For example, these jeans I’m wearing are made of 100% organic cotton and they are from Join life Collection of Zara. Basically choosing for any sustainable piece makes your outfit look richer and even more long-lasting. Same goes for your tee or your blazer, the sustainable, the richer.

How to make basic outfits interesting

  • Classic Crewneck

Crew neck tees are more likely to look cleaner and chic rather V necks. If worn with fewer jewellery, they look so special than just looking casual. Crew necks are more versatile, classic and wearable in terms of forever wardrobe.

Classic Crewneck

  • Wear clean and the right shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes with basics can transform your entire look. For example, in this look, I wanted to look comfortable, effortless but chic look. That’s why with these mom jeans, I wore my mango white flats which are complementing my white tee and giving an appearance of comfort with Korean plus french chicness. If I would have worn chunky shoes, it would look vague and so clumsy.

Wear clean and the right shoes

  • Minimal jewellery is the key

Adding a few jewellery pieces and being minimal at the same time can make your basic outfit look very attractive and chic. As in, I’m a minimalist but also love the french fashion so I go either for earrings (my favourite gold chunky hoops) or, for my coin pendant necklace. In this way, I maintain a status in my outfit and also avoid looking overbearing or overwhelming.

Minimal jewellery is the key

  • Accessories

In order to make an outfit look more classic and chic, accessorising is the key. Add a belt which matches your outfit or brings a hint of colour and makes your outfit look more interesting rather looking dull and monotonous. Adding a shoulder bag which matches your belt will be even more sexier by giving your outfit some colour. Even for accessories, focus on earthy tones only and not on neons. Take your basics seriously.


  • Layer it

You can throw a classic linen or silk blazer and elevate your outfit within seconds. In this way, your so basic outfit becomes so classic that you can even go to your office and also can join a casual meeting. You can also throw a darker shade cashmere jumper or can just put on your shoulder which certainly makes a lot of difference in an outfit. So layering is a high-end key in order to elevate boring basics.

Accessories - fashion raasa

Accessories - Prity Singh

  • Light hair and makeup

Be comfortable with your makeup and hair. Do what you feel most comfortable in. Do certain skincare and use concealer to correct your problem areas instead of using foundation all over your skin. Use a lipstick which gives you a subtle and glowy look. Freshness on skin and face changes the whole appearance. Make a messy bun or left open your hair but mind them in a certain way.

  • Roll up your sleeves

sometimes we can be trendy without purchasing trendy clothes. Rolled sleeves are very trendy in SS20 which gives a bit masculine look. But on the other hand, I find it elevating my basics and giving unbelievably feminine touch. It looks so flattering and chic that I’m incorporating this trend in my very feminine style.

Rolled up sleeves

White basic teeSo these are a few things which I do to elevate my basics or basic outfits. Certainly, these aren’t something new I’ve told or these haven’t been told before, the only thing that we miss small things which can create a bigger difference. By incorporating these tips, you can certainly be more satisfied and increase the wearability of your wardrobe. Please share your suggestions in the comments, I would welcome them and love to incorporate your ideas in my basic wardrobe.

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Organic cotton Jeans- Zara join life SS19 collection



Crew neck oversized tee

White flats- Mango


Brown belt

Coin pendant necklace- Tanishq


Linen blazer- H&M SS19 Studio collection


Cashmere jumper- H&M AW18 collection



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