How to find your personal style

How to find your personal style

Personal style is something very tangled which needs to be addressed at some point in our lives. Certainly, it first starts from loving ourselves and knowing our preferences in a better way. It has nothing to do with our profession, it always helps.

I don’t remember that since when I started exploring my style but I guess observing my mother choosing my clothes ever since my childhood was the blur begining. Sustainable fashion, rewearing, quality over quantity are something I have learned from my mother. Which of course guided me down the line from teenage to adulthood. When I actually got time to give attention to my style, I would find myself struggling everyday dressing up when I had to go to work or for a casual day out or for anything. Since I’ve been working on developing my capsule closet, recognising my personal style has helped a lot.

While exploring my style, I made mistakes too but I made progress by each. So messing up and mistakes are always a part of learning. So I’m going to talk about the things which helped me finding or sorting my personal style out, hoping that it will help you as well.

When I signed up on Pinterest, I didn’t think that it was going to help me anyway. But soon I realised that filtering many styles via pins and creating my mood boards was certainly giving direction to my choice of style and inspiration. I save those inspirational pins on Pinterest which I correlate with or I think there is a possibility for me to recreate those styles. Also, it helped to filter those styles I absolutely don’t like. And believe me, knowing your “Don’ts” is way more important than your “do’s”. So create your mood board on Pinterest.

Open to possibilities
When I started my personal style registration journey, I had no idea what it is I like and what I don’t. But I kept myself open to any possibilities which would suit me or my body type even if I had certain doubts about a potential style. So I explored without being preconceived. And I had a huge transformation in my style which would have not been possible without an open mind. So never think that “ Oh it’s good for her or him, or these styles are only for bloggers”. Try for yourself, go in trial rooms, try things you have in your mind, see if you feel comfortable in it or not. And decide for yourself, don’t let cloud your judgment because of some “ifs and buts”.

How to find your personal style - fashionraasa

How to find your personal style | Linen Shirt - Fashionraasa

Analysis of personal reference
I always prefer comfort over style, so exploration and analysis of those styles like, feminine, chic, street style, Parisian style, classic style, and Scandinavian style started which were suitable for me. Subsequently, my inclination was observed towards a more basic and effortless style that has both the factors, comfort, and chicness. That is why, I keep my closet basic with some good denim and tailored pants, some basic shirts and a few camis and some feminine blouse. It helped me knowing that Edgy or funky is not my style.

Observing other bloggers
When I started my blogging journey over fashion and style, I used to learn from other inspiring bloggers and influencers. It really helped me to understand my personal style through daily inspiration provided by talented bloggers and influencers. Finding my roots in sustainable and conscious fashion is also an example of getting inspired by other bloggers who are the inspiration for a lot of us who believe in sustainability. So learning and including good things from entitled people definitely helps to know your personal style.

Finding a line between comfort and style
I think we all know the importance of comfort in our dressing. So it’s really important to take care of your comfortability while deciding any silhouettes or choosing any clothing pieces. Choose pieces according to your style within your comfortability. You have to be very strict on spending, only spend on what suits you most. For eg. I’ve figured that I would never feel comfortable with leather jackets, I rather love woolen oversized jackets which are not only chic but also very comfortable and a useful layering piece.

How to find your personal style | All Black | Fashionraasa

How to find your personal style | fashionraasa | All black fashion

Settling into a colour palette 
It is very important to recognize your preferred colour palette and settle into it, it provides a filter while choosing your dressing pieces or defining your style. It also helps to put together your outfit and keeps your wardrobe minimal in a way. It also helps you to deal with impulse buying or helps provide a better vision while shopping.

How to find your personal style | tailored pants | fashionraasa

Ttailored pants - fashionraasa

Silk top| Prity Singh | Fashionraasa

Know your body type
Knowing your body type is a part of knowing your personal style. Otherwise, it ruins the overall impression of your appearance. For eg. I’m a pear-shaped petite woman so I’ve to be very conscious while choosing my bottoms. Low-waisted jeans don’t work for me as I have got a longer torso and they make me look shorter. So high waisted jeans help me elongate my lower body by providing vertical coverage of the torso. Being a pear shape, slim bottoms don’t flatter my body proportion so I go either with straight or flared pants. In this way, I really look taller than I am by addressing the curvier part of my body.

So I hope this helps you to find your personal style. There can be multiple other things which help too, take whatever comes in handy.

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