How sustainable and ethical are Birkenstock

How sustainable and ethical are Birkenstock

Birkenstock sandals are one of the things I started growing into them with time. There wasn’t something like impulse buying because of the trends. When the last pair of my flats (bought two years ago when I wasn’t conscious enough) started to break off, I did some research before buying my Birkenstock flats.

I wouldn’t say that Birkenstocks are the most ethical and sustainable flats brand as they are rated Not Good Enough in terms of lack of setting goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But they were given credit to produce long-lasting products which I’m going to find out in the next coming years by using these flats.

Birkenstocks- Prity Singh

However they aren’t fully animal cruelty-free but they don’t use fur, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair and angora. They have a specific line for vegans from where I made my purchase. There also has been a lack of transparency in terms of mentioning the provided wages to workers, the listing of suppliers, no mention of auditing any of its supply chains.

I bought them in classic Arizona in black which is made of Eva and I’m really loving them. They look so heavy in appearance-wise but in person, they are so lightweight. Let’s talk about these Birkenstocks in my experience which is based on research via various sources and personal experience.

Birkenstocks are appreciated for their long-lasting products. I really appreciate it because I’ve been buying all sorts of flats which tend to last for one or two years. They’re designed to last longer in terms of durability by using quality materials. So this feature does reduce the chances of buying the same product which encourages zero waste lifestyle.

Apart from their weirdly high street looks, I love their comfortability so far and they are much lighter than they look. Super breezy and comfy for a tropical island like Mumbai. Also, they are very practically useful in terms of long walk running errands or casual days. They are also practical and comfortable as beach sandals. So a big yes for these points.

The Birkenstock’s footbed contains cork and natural latex which are natural materials. They also use solvent-free adhesives in whichever products it is needed which are environmentally friendly. Soles and vegan lines are made from EVA which is vinyl but much better and lighter than PVC. Their packaging is made from 90% recycled material and designed to meet Germany’s strict standards. Whilst most shoes are made with leather, they also have alternative vegan options.

Birkenstocks are manufactured exclusively in Germany, where they must follow the strict labour laws as well as recycling and waste laws. Although there isn’t any clear mention by the brand itself as mentioned on the Good On You App.

Birkenstocks-Fashionraasa Birkenstocks-Fashionraasa-Prity

Energy Efficiency 
Birkenstocks are being more energy efficient by using advanced equipment and techniques. They also claim to have reduced their energy consumption by 90% over the years. They have implemented their own environment-friendly power generating plants. They also use combined heat and power process to recapture generated heat and reuse it like the heat is used for drying cork footbeds.

So these are the information I can get my hands on for now in terms of their sustainability or social responsibilities and also not being a fully cruelty-free brand which makes them less eco-friendly. But you can definitely go for their vegan alternatives as in the comparison of other high street brands, they are pretty good. I’m really excited about their comfortability, practicality, longevity and durability (which still I have to find out).

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