Everyday Fashion Fails

Everyday Fashion Fails

By “Everyday Fashion Fails” I  mean, things which actually don’t work the same way for everyone. Fashion is a really vast area to discuss so it’s nearly impossible to cover every fashion Fail and also I’m not a fashion Guru that’s why I’m pointing out only things that don’t work for me.

This “Everyday Fashion Fails” blog post is actually inspired by a pin “effortless style” on “Pinterest” where I saw a pin from an anonymous person. In that pin, a blogger was wearing a purple polyester shirt with a pair of yellow shiny trousers, on that, she used a black shiny belt, red stilettos and last but not the least a green tote bag!! I mean how someone can find this effortless? So many colour scheme and how is it suppose to be an effortless style? For such a style I’ll have to buy everything new and still, it won’t be enough! This kind of style can work for someone, for me, it’s a complete fashion fail.

There’s nothing wrong in knowing that what suits you and your purse best. I mean fashion is all about looking good that means it should be personalised individual to individual. Here are the things which don’t work best for me.

Not a fix colour scheme- It’s the worst fashion fail, not having any colour scheme in wardrobe and especially when you wear a lot of colours together. Such people are often heard saying “I got nothing to wear”. I mean, how is anything supposed to work together if none of the items got something in common. I find a person very fashionable and attractive wearing simple cotton white top pairing with basic high waisted cream or beige pants with the right shoes compared to a person wearing 5 colour scheme from the high street.

Chunky Fashion- wearing chunky items tiptoe can be a big fail. Balance is important by including some basic items. For example, if you’re wearing a chunky dress, wear some basic heels instead of chunky ones to balance out or wear chunky shoes with a very basic outfit like a white shirt and basic jeans.

Wearing sale items- we buy unnecessary things during sale time because we think we are saving money. But the reality is quite the opposite of this. During the sale time, most of the brands sell their unwanted and less popular products. What we end up buying thinking that it’s a steal. But basically, you’re never going to wear that floral print romper purchased from the last year summer sale, because in winter you don’t get to wear it because of cold and next summer a different print will be in fashion. I had this bad habit of shopping while sale but finally I figured out about saving money along with looking good.

Junk jewellery- Junk jewellery doesn’t work for me, just doesn’t. If I wear something casual, how can I layer a heavy junk necklace on it until my outfit really demands it? Our everyday outfit isn’t something like to burden with junk necklaces along with so-called statement earrings. It doesn’t look polished at all but a fashion fail.

Mixing two weird fashion – Mostly people like to wear whatever they find, unaware of fashion or style mostly. But as difficult we take fashion, it’s not. It’s really simple and about wearing silhouettes with sensibility by not creating a mess of mixing a lot of weird fashion.

Long nails- Long nails are a big fashion fail to me. Instead of having long nails, I will prefer clean manicured ones. It takes less effort and looks more polished and elegant.

Weird hairstyles & makeup- when something simpler can do all, why to waste time on making weird hairstyle and makeup. It’s not really necessary to put a lot of kajal & mascara, a slight touch up looks better and enhances the features more.

Wrong use of accessories- sometimes we unintentionally wear wrong accessories which makes an outfit weirder and we end up looking not put together even after wearing all good stuff. For eg., Something delicate would look better with a silk cami dress instead of chunky shoes and purse.

Not knowing your actual size- wearing very small or big size can really spoil the looks by looking too tight to fit in or too loose to stay. Especially for bottoms, it’s a big fail when lumps and bumps are visible on the tight skirts or pants. Wearing the right size is perfect.

Wearing low waisted jeans or bottoms with crop tops- I prefer high waist bottoms with crop tops. I’ve never liked wearing low waist bottoms until they have flared bottoms but I would never wear crop tops with low waisted bottoms. It will look like a disaster. So low waisted bottoms are a big no and with crop tops, a fashion fail.

Wearing loose baggy trousers with baggy top wear or vice versa- Nowadays, wearing loose bottoms with loose tops are statement. But it can work as a lounge or a beach wear but not good for office wear or date wear.

I prefer a fitted top with loose bottoms and vice versa. It helps me look taller and put together.

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