Best Vintage Stores at Etsy and Instagram

Best Vintage Stores at Etsy and Instagram

Vintage stores are the best places to shop basic or classic pieces and preloved luxury pieces. There is an abundance of such vintage stores where one can find almost everything from preloved classic pieces to quirky pieces in clothing, footwear, and even in-home and kitchen decor.

Vintage shopping comes in handy also when you love luxury brand bags, jewellery, footwear or any statement pieces. Although big preloved vintage platforms like Vestiaire, Depop, eBay are already very popular, there are some independent vintage stores that have established a good rapport among their audience in terms of great collection and service. 

Such independent vintage stores are available on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. They have also registered shops at the Etsy platform, you can choose your medium according to your comfortability.

Here are some vintage stores which are either available on Etsy or Instagram which I’ve found very useful. It was a great amount of work finding authentic vintage shops and filtering them but that’s worth it. It became a small directory of vintage stores that provides chic, feminine, sustainable styles. Every piece is picked carefully by the owners of the vintage stores, which already provide us with filtered styles according to our personal preferences. We just have to find what suits us the best.

Wool coat Cable net cardiganCream vintage blousepants

sage cashmere cardigan

cream cashmere

They have such a good collection of preloved clothing, you literally can not stop yourself from falling in love with it. They also have theirs In House line clothing made of raw silk and premium sustainable fabrics. If I had to pick any piece, I will go for their trousers and shorts.

It’s a POC owned small business with a beautiful premium vintage collection. Her every find is very wearable and practical. Just a take look already.

I love their feminine vintage finds, for example look at their ivory linen coat

This store is really good if you like vintage bags and jewelry. I believe vintage bags are something that is kinda luxurious because of their uniqueness and limited availability. Also, if you are one of those people who like luxury bags but do not justify the leather usage in it and price, vintage bags are the best alternatives.

She has started her vintage store recently but I am an admirer of her great collection, love each of her finds, great collection of designer brands and vintage fabrics. you do not want to miss her collection. For example, Look at this cashmere and this cream cashmere, they are such minimal and basic style for vintage cardigans.

If you are looking for good basic coats and jumpers, this store is the best place. An extra admirable thing about them is their sustainable vintage pieces where you can be sure about the sustainable fabrics even of preloved pieces with eco-friendly packaging.

If you are someone who loves classic and basic pieces, this is the right place to find them. Every piece from her collection is a classic.

Best place to find vintage romantic clothing blouse and top pieces.

A great place to find all types of vintage clothing.

I really love this store for its minimal, basic, and street style vintage collection. Her blazer, pants, suit set collection is amazing.

This store has lovely finds of every clothing type

I love her jumper finds besides all her vintage collection. She is a very polite businesswoman.

I love her entire collection especially the best place to shop vintage belts, it’s like you have to have one of them.

A great place to find preloved designer pieces.

 An authentic place to get vintage luxury.

They have simple minimal modern vintage pieces. This store is one of the fastest-growing vintage stores.

A puffy sleeve dream as the bio of this brand says. You will find here the most romantic puff sleeves blouses and dresses.

This store has a great collection of vintage blazers.

I love their sneakers finds. They have a great collection of vintage shoes especially, vintage CONVERSE SNEAKERS. It shows how timeless basic footwear could be. Dig in to find your best pair.

Bujor JP
I have already fallen in love with their collection. They have such a great collection of vintage luxury bags and jewelry at reasonable pricing. This one of the vintage stores, you do not want to miss.

This is one of the best vintage stores with premium finds. The featured image is from her store which shows the impeccable taste in fashion.

Apart from these vintage stores with the briefs, I am mentioning a few more good vintage stores that I found on Etsy and Instagram. Take a look at them too.


Vittorio bout






The whole idea and intention of vintage shopping are to promote preloved shopping which is sustainable and mindful. Here we are trying to avoid overconsumption and stopping clothes from going into landfills as garbage. No matter what kind of shopping we’re doing, we should always analyze our needs and usage. Buy things that suit your personal style otherwise, it will be a waste of money and ultimately end up in landfills. Also, check thoroughly before you shop from any vintage store. You can go through the previous customers’ reviews and also get personally in touch with the store owners via messaging and emailing. Do not hesitate to enquire properly about your doubts. So this is it for this article, I hope you all find it informative and useful. Also, it goes a lot of research, creativity, and time to write such informative articles. Please show your love by giving it a like, comment, and share.

Some of my favorite vintage picks 

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