Are you splurging on money or investing in a capsule wardrobe

are you splurging on money or investing in a capsule wardrobe - latest fashion - fashion raasa

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far and already have started enjoying early summer or late spring, at least I’m in this kind of transitional weather right now which is very much pleasing, so enjoying full of it… whether it’s about going on vacation or doing things, I love at my place. Fashion is one of those things which I love doing and obviously fashion is what we feel comfortable and confident in!

Speaking of spring and summer, trends have also been altered same like the other season and it is not something unusual. Stores are full with a pop of crazy colours and crazy patterns, there are loads and loads of options available in them. People seem to have love towards bright colours more and there is a lot of quirkiness and perkiness going on which I’m not complaining about but it does create massive turbulence in our capsule wardrobe and if you are finding yourself drawn to such crazy clothing pieces, you need to read further whether are you splurging on money or investing in a capsule wardrobe.

There was a time when I also had this tendency to buy everything with a change of each trend and not only that, my heart used start racing whenever I saw something different and very trendy but not really classic. That time I don’t use to think much what I’m buying, why I’m buying. Only this reason was enough that aka that dress or that outfit is looking fab on me in the fitting room and I’m taking this with me at home. Most obviously, my wardrobe looked like a disaster for a lot of colours and uncohesive. And when I actually wanted to wear them, always ended up with finding a suitable occasion or time or found really hard to match everything for one single look. It was like the eternal line of this wardrobe world. “ugh…I got nothing to wear”. Literally, it was really hard to find anything in my wardrobe what I actually liked and found suitable to wear at least one or two occasions. Every piece was like for ready to do ramp walk or attending a party or being part of some street fashion show where absolutely was nothing to be being myself. So this was my untold fairy tale where a princess was a prisoner of her own blind craziness of buying everything. So, later on, I started realising that, I’ve literally “nothing to wear” phase is going on even after splurging on this amount of money.

Then I started tracking down my actual likes and dislikes in matters of choice of clothing and found that I find most comfortable in basics and neutrals. Which was like a huge burden was lifted down. I started investing more in basic and classic pieces and by classic pieces, I don’t mean silk and diamonds but it means any piece of clothing or jewellery which doesn’t only rest in my wardrobe but also become a part of my personality. It can be a very basic cotton white shirt or a silk white shirt, a pair of basic blue jeans or a pair of beige tailored pants, they all come under a very classic, minimal and basic wardrobe.

Now I’ve got a bunch of white, cream shirts, jumpers, tees and T-shirts, some good pair of jeans, tailored pants and basic jewellery with necessary accessories, and I feel my wardrobe so full and always find a lot of things to wear for one single occasion,be it a Party or day out with my girl gang,or going to any meeting, I’m always good to go! Realising the difference between splurging money on and investing in classic pieces, drastically changed my persona and also defined me better as myself. It didn’t only save me a lot of my hard earned money but also saved my valuable time by not going to any running sale to find anything. I wish, I had realised that even before but no worries, I get to share this thing with you all lovelies. My learning has a summary which I would love to share with you all…

are you splurging on money or investing in a capsule wardrobe -fashionraasa

are you splurging on money or investing in a capsule wardrobe | prity singh

are you splurging on money or investing in a capsule wardrobe | fashionraasa

Shop this look here.

Always keep THREE W’s in mind while shopping,(ever during sale time especially ) WHAT, WHY and WHEN …(What) What I’m buying, so I’ve anything to pair it up with or I’ll have to spend money particularly for it? (Why) Why I’m buying this suede coat if I live at a place where cold has nothing to do with? Will I use it on my vacation to Switzerland? Or why Am I buying this coat with fringes when I already have a basic beige or black leather coat which absolutely goes with my entire wardrobe! (When) When I’m literally going to wear this cami dress with colour blocking, maybe in an event but what after the trend goes off? Hmmm…

So these THREE W’s are going to save you a lot of money and time and believe me, your every piece of clothing is going to speak through your confidence and comfortably classy personality.

I’m stopping here and hoping you to like my experience and suggestions over my way to create a capsule wardrobe which speaks! I would love to hear your personal story too, don’t hesitate to share, email me or just comment below!

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