An open letter to a bride

An open letter to a bride

Dear Bride,

You are now starting a new chapter, a new partnership with someone for a lifetime. It is the day for fresh beginnings, adjustments, changes and patterns.

Marriage is the most beautiful,  yet also the most delicate connection that is created, which is not blood related. It needs to have a strong foundation to withstand the storms of life. This foundation is laid in the first few months of marriage itself.

While there are no set rules and regulations for a successful marriage, there are a few steps you can follow that may help you in achieving matrimonial bliss:

  1. You marry not just a man, but a family – The day you take vows with an individual, you also forge a relationship with his entire family. They also in turn are welcoming a new member in their family and are as cautious as you are. However, with time and patience they will accept you and may even come to love you. At times, there are some family members you would like to avoid, and with the nucleus families becoming more and more popular, it means you will only have to deal with them during holidays. If you are stepping into a joint family, then you will have to increase your patience level. It is easier said than done, but is not impossible. And the fact that you made an effort will count in the long run.
  2. Choose your battles – You do not need to win every argument and you won’t. You need to choose which topics are worth fighting over. Whether the living room curtains need to be violet or teal is not as important as whether you can take up a traveling job or not. Decide on which may be serious life altering issues and ensure that you make the correct decisions there.
  3. Talk – Talk about your friends, family, job, films, food, travels, likes and dislikes. If you are with a companion with whom you can share your thoughts, you have stuck gold. Don’t bottle up your feelings, let them out. That is the only way to reach amicable solutions.
  4. Give each other space – Just because, you are married, does not mean you have to be joined at the hip with your husband. You need to give yourself time and energy as well. Have your girl’s night out once in a while and let him have his parties. Have a healthy relationship, where you don’t choke each other.
  5. Don’t give up your hobbies – Your hobbies are a part of your individuality. They make you who you are. Whether it is yoga, dances, singing or playing instruments, don’t let it go only because you are married. Your other half may not share the same passions, he will have his own. Let him nurture those as well. These interests help you unwind and are stress busters. You deserve to have them as does your husband.

As mentioned, there are no guidebook that can help you find you way through the maze of marriage. You will make mistakes, learn from them and hopefully have a stronger relationship. The above suggestions may help you in starting out on the correct foot.

Congratulations on starting this new chapter in life and all the best for the years to come.


A married woman


Article writer: Shreya Das.

Styling, Concept & Model: Prity Singh

Photography:  Amey

Makeup: Swapnali

Hair Style: Kirti



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    Amir malik

    I just agree to everything .. whatever is mentioned for a beautiful married life …. And the girl depicted in the picture looks stunning in the role of a bride …… But I would like to add on to it that …… Embrace and love the flaws of your partner’s nature and body also ……we all are made unique ……

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    Sunil Jaglan

    Such a nice article. Must following steps for a happy and successful marriage life.

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    Beautifully written & explained

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