A Guide to the best vintage and thrift shopping in India

A Guide to the best vintage and thrift shopping in India

Vintage and thrift shopping is something which has certainly made a place in people’s hearts. Thrift is synonymous with balanced and slow fashion.

With the approach of sustainability and conscious lifestyle, vintage and thrift shopping are a huge shift as care of Mother Earth. Also, it’s a great way to access luxe and high price sustainable clothing without splurging on. A lot of us who don’t believe in buying trendy or fast fashion pieces can also indulge ourselves in one or two pieces of them from vintage and thrift shopping.

Let’s say that it’s all about the maximum wear of a clothing piece which gets valued by how many times it has been worn. In the age of mass production and dumping, we gotta be more responsible for what we purchase and how we use our clothes. Even in terms of social justice, if we want to discourage huge fast fashion stores who aren’t paying fair wages to their workers, vintage and thrift shopping is the answer.

A Guide to the best vintage and thrift shopping in India - Prity

A Guide to the best vintage and thrift shopping in India - Prity Singh

A Guide to the best vintage and thrift shopping in India - Fashionraasa

vintage and thrift shopping in India

Thanks to this social media era, we have plenty of online and Instagram vintage and thrift shops available. Let’s explore what we have got from where we can find our best vintage and thrift pieces.

A very good place to find bottoms and jackets. Ideal for vintage prints collection.

Love everything about this online vintage and preloved store. You’ll also find here slow and sustainable brands. Ideal for bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Carol’s shop 
Best place to find your vintage-inspired preloved coats, bottoms, and shirts. I really love their collection.

The Fine Finds 
Good source of all sorts of preloved clothing.

Aima vintage 
Love their preloved collection, pretty trendy and quirky with basic patterns.

Red Empress 
This preloved site is all about its colour and print collection. If you love the energy and joyous colours, this place might suit you.

The Salvage Story 
A good place to find all types of preloved clothing.

If you’re a jewellery lover, this preloved store is waiting for you with its beautiful statement and dainty gold collection.

Love their winter collection and handbag finds.

They have very good finds of blazers which makes them my favourite.

A good place to find preloved denim and luxe clothing.

Bombay Closet Cleanse 
A good place to find preloved feminine outfits.

Ray’s Thrift Store 
This place has a cute teenage preloved outfit finds.

Paradime thrift 
They have good finds of outerwear and tie-dye tees.

Vintage Laundry 
A place to find preloved prints and pattern outfits.

Love their quirky and vintage-inspired shirt finds.

Curated Findings 
Feminine and minimal preloved outfit store.

A very good preloved store to find street style pieces.

Lulu thrift 
A very good place for women to buy preloved clothing.

Lust thrift 
A very good place to find preloved feminine and powerful pieces.

Luu Liu  
Great place to find preloved corsets and bustiers. Also a great store to thrift trenches.

Mumbai Thrifts 
An ideal place to find preloved shirts.

They also have a men’s collection at their other thrift store.

Panda picked 
Love their feminine finds.

Best for their denim picks

Best for their ethnic Indian collection

Best known for their contemporary Coll

Best for their vintage and retro vibe prints

Printed shirt and blazer collection

Love their classy finds.

A very good place to buy feminine and trendy preloved pieces.

A place to thrift sweatshirts and scarves.

Fresh_pick_with _love 
Love their feminine finds.

Cute pants and skirt finds

An ideal place to thrift all sorts of women’s clothing.

A lovely collection of preloved Shawl.

Great place to thrift jeans and tops for women.

They have good finds of preloved knits.

A good place to thrift denim and sweatshirts.

A great place to find sweatshirts and bags.

A great store to thrift trendy clothing and other pieces.

A great store to thrift street style pieces.

A great store of pastel preloved pieces.

A great thrift store for women.

They have pretty found of the Denim collection.

A very good place to thrift coats and vintage clothing.

Great thrift store of preloved luxe bags and winter wear

A preloved store to buy and sell luxe bags.

One of my favourite thrift stores to find all-season women’s clothing.

Best place to thrift denim, love their finds.

A thrift of mixed vintage and trendy pieces.

A thrift store of all sorts of preloved silhouettes.

Excellent collection of preloved pieces.

In the end, I would say that be mindful of thrifting in terms of quality and quantity both. Buy only those pieces which you are sure going to use. Please leave the clothes which aren’t of your size for the concerned size people.

Besides, I have given a great amount of time to research and jotting down all the collected information for this article, I hope you all enjoy reading and find it resourceful.

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    Hello dear! NICE TO “READ YOU” HERE!
    I adore the photos you took and the extensive list of good places. will check them out!
    i adore vintage and second hand shopping. This year i only bought second hand, now that i think about it. besides being sustainable i love that feeling of giving a new home to pre-loved clothes and accessories.
    great post!


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