5 Neutrals you need right now

5 Neutrals you need right now

Hi lovelies! How are you finding starting of summer? For me, it’s a bit of mix experience, as in, we are facing a sudden rise in temperature here in Mumbai with which I’m still getting used to and on another hand im happy about the fact that I’ve enjoyed wearing neutrals since winter and happy to have them still in trends. it’s a fact that I’m not a huge fan of fast fashion so I prefer basics and neutrals over everything. So I’m on to renewing my summer wardrobe and I would like to introduce my 5 neutrals which I find very handy to get through this summer very lightly and gracefully.

1. Beige leopard dress
I had been trying to get a perfect slip dress for me, perfect because being a  petite and a short girl, I always find it struggling in order to get something which fits me properly without having alterations or endless marathons to the stores. Stores like Zara or Mark & Spencer barely have something for short and petite women especially in dresses, anytime I try dresses from these stores, I end up looking like a clown in fitting room ( thank God I’m not crazy enough to waste my money). Even stores like mango has something for petites but they are very basic what I like most but finding a slip dress in there is a dream come true. Luckily I got a store where I can find my exact fit and perfection. I got this leopard dress in dark beige with leopard print on it which makes it pretty and on another hand, it is trendy at the same time. I got this dress in XS which is perfect I find this dress very appropriate and chic for any occasion. For a casual day, I would like to style this dress with, a cream denim jacket and with my cream and gold sneakers but the best way to dress it up is, to style this dress with an oversize cream double breasted blazer, black sandals and a pair of sunglasses. Shop this dress here.

2. Cream blazer
I always wanted a basic blazer in my wardrobe so when I got my hands on this blazer, I grabbed it. I really love the way it is, from fabric to everything. It looks very basic but high street and sophisticated. Also I got this blazer on such a reasonable price! Its colour is so soothing and I want to wear it throughout the summer. Such blazers can be very handy because they are suitable for every climate and to many occasions, especially when you want to make your slip dress look more dressed up and flattering and chic or if you aren’t comfortable with wearing sleeveless dresses or tops. Shop the blazer here, here, here and here.

3. Off white bag
I wanted a structured bag in off white especially a satchel bag for all my neutrals. And this bag also comes with sling belt so I can use this bag as cross body. I loves detailing of gold opening buckle which makes it very sophisticated and makes it all season appropriate. Shop white bags here.


4. Black block heels
A pair of block heels in black,I needed must. I got these heels in suede which is very basic and chic. I always prefer heels over sneakers because they look more sophisticated and feminine but uncomfortable heels we all avoid, so block heels are smarter choice in order to spare my feet. It wasn’t too expensive and still a good investment, I wear these with my black skirts and blue jeans, quite an utility piece. Shop block heels here and here.

5. Black glares
It’s summer and glares are the first thing I want to keep with me after sunscreen lotion. I’ve seen people either avoiding glares because of not finding suitable ones or buying a lot of glares in order to get best ones. In this case I went for a basic square shaped glares which are perfect and goes with my taste as well with my neutral and basic wardrobe. I don’t have to end up spending a lot of money and still have a perfect pair of sunglasses which is very flattering and goes with everything I wear. Shop similar glares here.

So those were my 5 neutrals! Important to have in spring summer closet. Don’t hesitate to share your favourites for this season in comments below.

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