23 Sustainable and Ethical South Asian Clothing Brands

 23 Sustainable and Ethical South Asian clothing brands you need to know about. Shop sustainably and ethically for a better and greener tomorrow without compromising on your fashion and style.

sustainable and ethical south asian clothing brands

Sustainable and ethical South Asian clothing brands are something most of us are looking for. For the obvious reasons, better quality, to encourage the fair distribution of employment and better relationship with the environment.

It is quite surprising how there are so many south asian sustainable brands which are often overlooked. It’s like we find what we are looking for. Since I have started understanding consciousness and sustainability and its importance in my life, I have come across so many wonderful small businesses of sustainable clothing and lifestyle goods.

Great fact about South Asian sustainable brands are, they use the world’s best organic cotton. An Asian country India is the largest producer of organic cotton in the world with 56 percent of its  production. Not only that, the quality of cotton from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh surpasses the world’s parameter of great quality sustainable fiber. Very popular sustainable fiber “linen” is also available in plenty in India. Some South Asian brands have chosen the handmade indigenous fiber of India ‘Khadi’ which is not only sustainable but also very long lasting. Some of them have come up with Hemp and some with Jute fiber. Every effort to initiate sustainable clothing is commendable.

However it was really hard to filter some of them as my favorite brands or brands which leave a great impact on the terms of my personal style and practicality. Although, I have tried my level best to include brands from minimal style to quirky and fun clothing, streetstyle to boho style and basics to edgy. I hope everyone gets their sustainable clothing destination.

itoindia.in now known as maisonandmill.in

They are one of my favorite south asian sustainable and ethical brand. Their clothing is focused on comfort as they say “FUSS free clothing for well lived days’. Most of their products are made with linen, organic cotton and indigenous fiber of India Khadi. They have a beautiful collection of dresses, shirts, pants and lounge wear. I love my black linen dress from them which I got last year. Its quality is amazing and the style is classic.

sustainable clothing



They have many styles to offer from dresses, shirts, trousers, tees, loungewear to swimwear. I love the variety of silhouettes they offer at one place, really convenient as a conscious consumer myself. They use organic fabrics such as indigenous fabric of India ‘khadi’, linen, organic cotton and recycled fabrics.


I love their cottage core dresses, skillfully  designed for vacation. I own a tote bag and tank top from them and can not stop wearing them. They recycled and organic material. All collections are mainly hand made and hand printed. The dye they use is low impact and does not contain carcinogenic compounds. They use recycled courier boxes and acid free wrapping paper. They recycle 40 percent of their textile waste at present time and aim to make it 75 percent by the year 2025.


I love their basic minimal collection, so effortless to style. They have 10 styles to offer from bottom to tops. Fabric they use is lyocell fiber which is derived from sustainably grown wood pulp. They use eco-friendly dye and claim to follow closed loop production which ensures zero waste. I personally love and wear their collection and can see myself ordering more from them.


They are a small brand and have a collection of T-shirts , socks, jute bags. Everything is made with recycled or organic material. I own a few T-shirts from them and I love their quality.


They are really good with the organic tshirts, they run longer for the time. Although they have other collections to offer as well, I am not a big fan of them as they do not go with my minimal and basic style.All their products are locally made in India with fair trade and vegan. If you are looking for good t-shirts, you should definitely get some from them.


They have the best tank tops right now in India which are organic. They also offer t-shirts in basic colours. I own some of their pieces and have been wearing them regularly, quite satisfied with their quality.


They are a small brand sustainable of streetstyle wear. All their products are made of  ‘GOT ’certified organic cotton. You can check them out for joggers and sweats.


They are a small sustainable brand of activewear. Their collection is very elegant and minimal. You can definitely check them out.


This is a small sustainable brand of undergarment. Their collection is basic and elegant and very accessible pricewise. All their products are made of organic materials. Also the price range is very accessible.


This is a cute sustainable brand which offers design in dresses, tops, tees and sweatshirts. You love prints and boho style dresses, your sustainable destination is this brand.


As they say their clothing label is inspired by a book ‘My Family and Other Animals’ by naturalist Gerald Durrel. It Reflects in their collection prints of flora and fauna. They are a slow fashion and ethical brand of handcrafted clothing and if you love prints and pretty dresses, this is your destination.


Bodice is a clothing label of preppy and edgy style silhouettes. If you love colours and are into lines and patterns, you might take a look into this brand.


I think this brand is one of my favorite slow and ethical brands. I love their linen and organic material made blazers and dresses. If you are fan of cottagecore dresses and linen blazers and pants, you should check here.


Although they are a textile studio for linen homeware products, they also have started offering line dresses and loungewear. I personally love the quality of their collection. If you are looking for basic loungewear and cute minimal boho style dresses, check them out.


Oshadi is a women’s wear slow and ethical brand. They are a ‘seed to sow’ supply chain. Their collection is made keeping the harmony in mind between the soil and human kind. Everything from textile to dye used in making their clothing is meant to biodegrade naturally. They also are doing a noble job by empowering by giving employment to rural india. They offer dresses, blazers and knitwear.


They are a label who represent cultures of India by using Indian textile and indigenous art of clothing. I am an admirer of their collection, each of their products are made carefully and handcrafted. Their products are made to order. This brand is a destination for ethnic Indian wear.


This brand represents Indian artisan’s skill through indigenous art and craft in clothing and homeware. You can check them out for western wear to ethnic Indian wear. 


They are a slow and ethical brand, offering overalls to blazers and dresses. They use indigenous organic cotton of India and use naturally made dye from indigenous ingredients. Love their basic colour collection, definitely check them out.


They are a slow and ethical brand of linen clothing and homeware products. They offer a kid’s line as well. If you are looking for some soothing linen dresses, shirts, pants and loungewear, you must take a look at their website.


They are a vegan brand and socially mindful brand who encourage plant based clothing. They have t-shirts and sweatshirts to offer. I like them for their cute slogan and statement print t-shirts raising awareness about veganism and social causes and they are very accessible for the price.


Their pieces are timeless and modern. I love how they have only a few styles to offer and do not mass produce. If you are looking for cute and pastels print blouses and pants, you should definitely check them out.


They are the first Indian brand to offer organic intimate wear. Their offering collection are Bras, Bralettes and undies. The collection is very basic and in nude colours. Their products are very accessible for the price.

These were some of my favorite south asian ethical and sustainable slow labels. There are also some promising slow labels like, Kharakapas.com, pher.in, turnblack.in, sandbyshirin,oziss.in, theclothingfactory.in, doodleageofficial.in, bombayshirts, blade.in, korrajeans.in, jamies.in, kavana.in, apara.net, freakins.com,  lovebirds-studio.com,diariesofnomad.com, iamsaltpetre.com, bunastudio.com,aroka.in, obleka.co, tanntrim.com, sparkle.life, marchtee.com, dvaaclothing.com, renge.co.in, kilchu.com, politesocietyshop.com, thoughtintothings.in etc.  Most of them are small businesses and would definitely appreciate our support and encouragement. As we are now very much aware of secondhand clothing dumps in developing countries and how it affects the economy of respective countries as well as the planet. Know about it in detail here.



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