Summer Autumn Look Book

Summer Autumn Look Book with goggles

Hey guys, Prity again! I hope you had really enjoyed your long weekend and it’s the time where winter is knocking at our doors!

So everyone is preparing for the fall. But I feel there is still summer to live, especially here in Mumbai’s climate where we barely feel a little cold. So I’ve decided to do a video Vlog on my YouTube channel and a blog post as well which will be a “Summer Autumn Look Book” where I’m gonna create three summer Autumn inspired look which you can not only use in summer but also in Autumn to winter by style them in different ways.

So let’s start it:

First Look
In the first look, I wore a pair of striped mustard cream shorts and paired it with a beautiful cutwork puff sleeves crop top, Hoops, tan sliders and a cute woven straw bag. This look is so chic and comfy. Good for a day out on your vacay trip or for a beach day. I’m in so love with this look, gonna use it forever. Clothes like these are the staple for your casual wardrobe and gonna last forever in your wardrobe.

Size wearing:
White cut work top: US S
Linen Shorts: US XS
Tan sliders: EURO 37

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Second Look
For this look I wore a camel colour polka dot skirt which is really flattering and chic and it’s really hard to find such camel colour skirts as in they are really trending now! So glad I have one! I paired it with a puff sleeves crop top, hoops,a dainty necklace,the same tan sliders and the same woven straw bag. This look is so chic and flattering. And like I said, you can wear it summer to Autumn.

Size wearing:
Top: US S
Skirt: US S

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Second Look
For the third look, I chose a cami button-up linen dress which has two pockets on each side in orangish yellow. I really love the colour, the button detailing and the flare it has. It doesn’t look only flattering but also really comfy for sensitive skin. Highly recommended. I always prefer dresses on jeans because it is more lady-like and easy to wear and style. This look is perfect for a day out, vacay and even for your date day.

Size wearing:
Dress: US S

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Watch my vlog on “Summer Autumn Look Book”.

So this is it for today. Hope you guys like it. Please comment your thoughts and ideas and if you like subscribe to my blog, YouTube channel Prity Singh (link   ). Follow me on social media, Instagram (link), Facebook (link) and Pinterest (link).

So again I’ll come up with an amazing content, till then bye!

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