Fall capsule wardrobe because no matter how many trendy pieces we have, gotta pair them with the basics only. And I believe when you have all the basic pieces, it will not only save you a lot of money through the years but also help you look put together according to the season. My biggest wardrobe goal is to create a capsule wardrobe that will get me through over the coming years. I’m starting it by building my fall capsule wardrobe and looking forward to building my spring and summer capsule closet as well.

While building my fall capsule wardrobe, I’m focusing on basic pieces like; layering base and outerwear, bottoms and accessories which includes scarves and boots. And I’m also trying to include the most affordable but premium pieces (one-time investment) while avoiding unsustainable junk fabrics like acrylic, polyamide, polyester, modal, viscose, Tencel (Lyocell). So let’s see if I can accomplish my goal of 1- Investment and not splurging 2- Finding the utmost sustainable pieces.

Fashionraasa Prity Singh


Cashmere vintage crew-neck: This vintage crew neck is the best example of sustainable find because its recycled cashmere part and non – mulesed merino wool part. And I love that it’s available in basic colours which makes it super versatile to wear for many occasions. I would love to style it with flared chinos and if I’ve to dress it down, I’ll pair it with straight white jeans layering with a beige or oatmeal coat.

Cashmere crew-neck: This jumper feels so light because of its cashmere fabric. A light beige jumper is essential to include for the layering season. It’s also available in sage green colour which is very much in trend but this one would be a forever closet piece.

Cashmere sweater: I had to include this cashmere sweater from H&M because it’s a very basic and soft piece to dress as a top or layer it down. It’s never gonna lose its classic importance. Although H&M is infamous for fast fashion bizarre but I do find some classic pieces comparatively in affordable prices. I’ve got this same sweater greige colour which is unfortunately not available online yet.

Cashmere blend Turtleneck: This cream turtleneck is an essential piece for layering your outerwears. I love that it’s a classic piece and it’s an important part of the fall Capsule wardrobe. Again this classic find is from H&M.

Wool coat: Finding a pure wool coat was very challenging obviously because of their price and less availability in sustainable fabrics. Although this dark beige coat has the most sustainable parts made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide ( which hasn’t been explained if it’s natural or synthetic) and lining 100% viscose. We use such pieces for a lifetime so it’s wise to have pieces because they aren’t part of fast fashion.

Structured wool coat: This coat is a find from Mango. I love the way it has a feminine structure. It will look fabulous especially on taller women and its neutral colour is so beautiful which makes it super versatile. 79% part is wool of this coat and 20% are the other fabrics like polyamide, viscose.

Wool Blend Coat: I love the neutral colour of this boxy coat, it’s super easy and versatile to style becausse of the colour and it’s from conscious line H&M. 68% of its part is made of recycled wool which is a really conscious thing to do, the rest of the part is polyamide. And its price is the best thing.

Beige Liner jacket: This beige quilted jacket from FREE PEOPLE is an effortless piece to have for the early fall casual wardrobe. It’s made of pure cotton which makes it super sustainable. You can wear this jacket up with cashmere crew neck for extra warmth.

Silk Slip Dress: A true capsule and versatile piece of women’s wardrobe is a silk slip dress. It can be worn through all the seasons. layer it above a silk tee or with a loose jumper which is followed by a coat for a colder day. wear this dress as  party wear or a casual wear…depending upon your style and choice. If you’re into knit dresses, this cozy cashmere dress is for you, a classic piece to style.

Washable silk shirts: Both shirts are the same and the only difference is their colour. Black is basic so I had to include this colour whereas this beige pebble is my favourite. These silk shirts are washable and very practical to wear. I rarely find something classic and practical like these cuties.

Silk-blend white tee: Silk blend tees are comparatively long-lasting and also have a premium shine in them which makes any outfit look luxe. Without any doubt, they are all-time classic pieces. I love this tee so much because of its classic sleeves and I wear it like anything and can’t get enough of it. You may also like this grey silk blend tee, because this one is a transitional classic tee.

Organic white cotton jeans: In my capsule bottoms, white jeans are a must. This jean is made of 100% organic cotton which makes it super sustainable and its neutral colour makes it super versatile to style. And a pair of straight jeans are a part of our main capsule closet.

Wool Pants: These wool pants are so effortless to style as work wear or as casuals. They so very basic and classic to become an important part of classic fall capsule wardrobe. I love its colour and its high waisted pattern, they are a boon for a petite like me.

Flared Beige Chinos: These chinos are very classic and versatile to style. A pair of flared pants are a must especially for petite because they really help to make you look polished and put together. I remember how people were staring at me when I wore these chinos with a white button-up shirt when I went shopping at a mall; they looked very intimidated by my looks because of these pants. It makes your personality look stronger and people take you more seriously.

Silk Maxi Skirt: This copper maxi skirt from NORDSTROM, has my heart. It’s so feminine and flattering and so appropriate for fall because of its length and colour. It can be worn as a formal piece or as a date outfit piece, depending upon the style.

Vegan Croc boots: These flared croc boots are like a rare find from the store TOPSHOP. They are vegan and environmentally friendly which like very rare to find. I Couldn’t be happier more because it’s like a win-win from both sides.

Vegan Cream  Mules: Like the boots, these cream vegan Mules are also from the store TOPSHOP. They are very essential to have fall closet because of its classic colour and timelessness design.

Veja Sneakers: These sneakers are very comfortable and sustainably made and must-have footwear essential for your every season casual closet.

Rain boots: These sustainable rain boots are appropriate for the places where it rains in the fall and winter season. They are available in different colours also and very affordable for their sustainability and design.

Straw French Bag: I really love such bags which aren’t only sustainable, vegan but also very affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Some people can find it impractical but if we can buy and use those leather or polyurethane open totes, I believe we can use this too practically. But it’s a personal choice. I personally believe that we can still develop and improve our habits for good like we were when these things weren’t available.

Cashmere Beanie: This beanie so cute and warm at the same time. It’s very lightweight and sustainable because of its cashmere fabric which is gonna last forever in our fall closet.

Coin necklace: I had to include this coin necklace. It’s very trendy but also very timeless at the same time as an everyday dainty jewellery piece as well as a statement neckpiece. This coin necklace is available for personalization also. You can layer this neckpiece with your other neckpieces to make it look statement.

So this was it. I tried including the most sustainable, cruelty-free and affordable clothing pieces in this Fall Capsule Wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean that you have to buy all these pieces at once, not at all. Get what you don’t have already, in your fall wardrobe and build up your capsule wardrobe slowly with time. Also one of the best ways to shop for expensive and high-end sustainable pieces is Vintage shopping. Always invest your money smartly because there are a lot of important things to do besides shopping.

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