10 Puff Sleeve Blouses/Tops

10 Puff Sleeve Blouses/Tops

Spring is already here and we have started seeing tons of new trends in the streets of fashion. One of them is very popular for this season is “puff sleeves”! They are also called “Milkmaid” sleeves because of its vintage concept. Not to forget, vintage fashion has been very popular from masses to classes because of its edge and classic timelessness. Whether it’s a dress or a blouse in puff sleeves, always look classy and put together. You can never look underdressed with puff sleeves blouses paired with straight jeans and minimal accessories. If you are a basic person, puff sleeves are perfect to give some edginess and to elevate your elegance even more. Because a person like me who doesn’t like quirky and edgy fashion at all, can still play with variety in their wardrobe and still be having a minimal and classy wardrobe. As in neon colours and neutral colours are in fashion simultaneously, Puff Sleeves blouses and dresses are available in different colours in every store and premium celebrity brands. Everyone can find their best “Puff Sleeves” blouses or dresses.

How to find a perfect one- If you’re looking for a Puff Sleeves blouse, make sure that you get it in your perfect size, getting even one extra large size can ruin the look and you’ll end up looking extra bulky and conscious to put sliding sleeves on the right place on shoulders. Always try to buy clothes which are skin friendly, especially when you’re going to wear them in summer. You can go for prints or polka dots, buttoned up or with bows according to your choice. Polka dots are very vintage, so they can be a part of your forever wardrobe and if you buy a plain one, you can wear that in any season and trend. If you’re going for light colours, go for dusty rose, turquoise, white, off white, beige and if you want some colour for your spring wardrobe, go for greens, terracotta, red because these colours are in trend.

When I decided to invest in few of puff sleeves items this season and I was sure that they are going to be my favourite forever. For example, I got this very elegant cuff sleeves (almost same as puff sleeves) dusty rose blouse which has also buttoned up detailing and I couldn’t ask for more! I was searching for something in dusty rose pink which is very hot trend this season, especially for people like me, who likes very basic and minimal wardrobe. So purchasing that blouse was a steal, also because of its price which was only for ₹1500! It’s very difficult to find something this trendy and elegant in such a reasonable price.

So when you find yourself one, style it perfectly because your look completely depends on how you style your Puff Sleeves blouse!

How to style:- They are very easy to style, just don’t go very experimental with bottom wear and jewellery. Always pair them with straight jeans and minimal pieces of jewellery for a statement look. You can also pair them with a line skirts with very minimal flares. For example, you can plain white puff sleeves with beige a line skirt for office look or day to night look.

I paired that blouse with a pair of straight jeans (very reasonable), with some minimal gold jewellery, nude heels and matching bag and I created a very minimal but yet trendy look! When I was out in that look, turning heads ratio was in 100%! Some girls gave me compliments and also asked where I got it from.

So I was really happy with my outcome and of course, I built another classy piece for my forever wardrobe!

This look is a casual statement look, ideal for brunch, date and college look.

When to wear- puff sleeves are very versatile, you can wear it as casuals, formal, day to night wear depends on how you style them. So you can wear them for always.


I got this blouse from “Only” store and it’s also available online but only in India.

But don’t get disappointed, shop similar tops and also I’m linking 11 other Puff Sleeves blouses and I’m sure, you lovelies will find one for yourself!
Shop your choice of puff sleeves blouses! Click images to shop.

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